7 Easy Tips To Find The Best Real Estate Agents in Spokane

Spokane is now the center of attraction for those looking to move to a new city. The result of the sudden influx of people is a competitive housing market. This means you need the best real estate agent to guide you through the process of finding your dream home. From well over 2000 real estate agents, it can be hard to choose the right agent in Spokane. If this is what you think, don’t worry as listed below are 7 sure-shot tips to help you wade through the growing pool of Spokane real estate agents

1. Know your borrowing limit

Contrary to popular belief, the first step in finding the right real estate agent is finding your mortgage options in Spokane. While the city usually offers low rates, knowing your borrowing limit is helpful when you want to decide the kind of houses you can afford, which in itself can help you narrow down suitable realtors.

2. Ask your network

Once you know your borrowing limit, it’s time to ask for recommendations within and outside your network. This step is important because you need to look for agents who have dealt with people with similar needs as you. Doing so gives you an idea of whether a realtor can help you properly or not. 

3. Research your options

Once you have a list of real estate agents from your recommendations, it is time to put on your research glasses. Look up the agents online and read through their reviews. Take a step further by checking whether the agents have complaints against them on Spokane’s Better Business Bureau website. Accordingly, narrow your list further.

4. Schedule interviews

With a narrowed list, it’s time to take a test drive. In this context, book a demo or an interview with your chosen few real estate agents. Ideally, you should interview at least. During this process, look at how much effort they put in their demo presentation—the more effort, the better performance you can expect when they start working for you. 

5. Check up on the references

Now that you have narrowed it to one (or two) agents, you are all set to ask for references. Have your agent send in the list of the sale closes in the recent past, along with the contact of their most recent client. Talk to this former client and understand how the agent works and treats the case. Make sure to ask them if they’d hire the same agent again. 

6. Trust your instincts

This may sound like unlikely advice, but trust your instincts most. If you find that an agent is perfect on paper but you just don’t vibe with them during the interview, feel free to consider your options. At the end of the day, your agent and you must gel well and work together when on the hunt to find your perfect house. 

7. Read your contract thoroughly

Finally, read the contract properly. In a market like Spokane, most sales happen in less than 30 days. Your contract should ideally allow you to consider options if you are unable to find the right home. Moreover, the contract must clearly mention all the terms you have agreed to along with the real estate commission. 


With low mortgage rates and limited supply, the real estate market in Spokane is competitive, to say the least. Therefore, finding the best real estate agent becomes a necessity for buyers and sellers. While the process can get hard with the presence of thousands of Realtors in Spokane, with the seven tips mentioned above, the process becomes easier.  

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