8 Tips to Maximize a Small Space and Make it Look Bigger

To live in a small space, one has to accept its set of advantages and disadvantages. 

For one, it’s easier to maintain and clean than a bigger place. However, fitting everything into such a small space and attempting to make it look pleasant can be a daunting task. But it’s not impossible.

Whether it’s a one-bedroom apartment in the heart of a big city or a dorm room in college, it’s possible to turn a small space into a comfortable place. It’s all a matter of furniture and color choices.

With that, here are the top tips to maximize a small space and make it look bigger.

Declutter, Declutter

Perhaps the first and most crucial step is to declutter. Let go of anything and everything that hasn’t been used in quite a while. Stop being sentimental and hoarding stuff that isn’t essential to survive.

Items that are no longer working or don’t serve any purpose can be thrown away. Better yet, donate them or start selling these items online. There are great online platforms that allow the easy selling of clothes, shoes, and accessories. Surely, a thrifty fashionista somewhere will be excited to see the pieces. Make sure though that these items are still in working condition and decent.

Choose Smaller Furniture

Ditch those king-size beds with canopies and large headboards and those big and long dinner tables. Instead, settle for smaller beds with minimalist designs. When it comes to dining tables, a small round one is both an efficient and visually pleasing choice.

Besides tables and beds, sofas and chairs can be shrunk. They provide more space but also allow the inhabitant to do their routine.

Know That Color Matters

This is often ignored, but the color of the walls and the floor matters greatly.

For the walls, a clean bright-white paint can create an illusion of a bigger space. That’s because it is brighter to the eyes and blurs the edges. Additionally, the color will make furniture and decorative pieces stand out more.

Besides the walls, a light-colored floor can also create the illusion of a bigger and brighter area.

However, don’t be afraid to add contrasting colors for decors and furniture. A splash of vibrant color can make the place look even brighter. Plus, it’s visually appealing.

Light It Up

Another vital tip to open a smaller space is to add natural light, so keep the windows open, especially in the morning. If possible, create bigger windows to let the light in, especially in darker areas.

Adding small light fixtures on the wall or near corners can avoid any shadows that can make a room appear much smaller.

Opt for Multiple Functions

Any efficient tiny-space designs will have pieces of furniture that have numerous functions. 

For example, Murphy beds can turn into a sofa or a desk when folded, or there are ottomans and stools that can double as storage. Foldable furniture can be hidden away when not in use, so they are perfect choices for a small area. 

With the popularity of tiny homes, more of this furniture is being built and sold at home depots.

However, it’s possible to have them custom-made. Tons of furniture makers can help homeowners design something that fits their preferences, budget, and needs.

Hide Away

Select tables and desks that stools, ottomans, and chairs can slide under. These pieces of furniture often have slimmer figures, which are not only aesthetically pleasing but can also trick the mind into perceiving wider space.

Additionally, hiding the chairs and stools underneath can clear some space when they’re not in use.

Differentiate Each Space

There are different ways to differentiate the dining space from the kitchen, and the kitchen to the living room.

The first one is to use color. Create a minimalist and soft color palettes for each area. The color coordination will instantly alert the brain of the differences in each area.

Another option is to use furniture to set up boundaries, such as using the sofa. Put the back side on the foot of the bed, or face it toward the dining table to create a division.

Create Big Fun in a Small Space

Having a small apartment doesn’t mean it can’t look visually appealing and organized. The key to maximizing the space is to carefully plan which furniture to use and where to put them.

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