Alligator Feeding: Florida Field Trip

We love field trips, hands-on learning, and well anything fun that gets us out of the house and energy out of the kids. During our time in Florida, we went on many trips and one was feeding alligators. There are a lot of places to feed alligators in Florida.


Looking for a fun and inexpensive field trip? How about feeding alligators? Yes that's safe if done in the right place.
Simply Google Feed alligators in the area you live or are visiting to find areas near you to feed alligators. If you are going on vacation to Florida you want to add this to your to-do list. Most places feed the alligators hotdogs so grab cheap ones to save a bit of money. Most places charge a couple dollars for a hotdog or two chopped into quarters, admission is more often than not free. Alligator feeding is fairly affordable field trip.

Alligator feeding is fun and educational

This is the perfect complement to an alligator or reptile unit study or an educational pit stop for your homeschool this is one for your list. This is a great addition to our Alligator Math and perfect for a Wild Summer School Adventure.

This great feild trip is one your kids will remember and it's cheap too

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