Amazing Mulberry Recipes

Mulberries are a great plant for the beginning forager to work with. These edibles are easy to distinguish from other plants and are fairly common in the midwest and northeastern parts of the US. Check out our mulberry foraging guide to get you started.

We have mulberries growing in our backyard and every back yard in the family. We love them for snacking and cooking and I love watching the kids picking them laughing and playing. Mulberries are not only easy to find there are also several great benefits of mulberries.

Amazing mulberry recipes

Amazing Mulberry Recipes

Mulberry Jam {Pectin Free}

My kids fell in love with this mulberry jam and it was so easy to make. We didn’t even need to use commercial pectin because of how the berries ripen in waves we were able to use unripe ones instead.

I love simple syrups that I can make at home for the kids to mix things up. Particularly because I have been on a french toast kick. This mulberry syrup makes such a great color that the kids found it pretty exciting. I plan to incorporate it in our Mulberry cheesecake this year when the berries are ripe.

Looking for an easy-to-make pie? Try this mulberry pie recipe to add some summer flair to your table making use of all those great mulberries. We have so many this year due to the added trees and are more than excited to make use of every last berry.

These Mulberry Puff Pastry Danishes are the perfect pastry to use up your bounty of mulberries and will really impress the kids or brunch guests.

Surve these mulberry mojitos at your next summer party.

This Mulberry Lemon Gin Fizz is another great option for summer entertaining.

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Amazing Mulberry Recipes

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