Apple Pie Scented Edible Finger Paint

Oh I love fall.  I also love tingling my children’s senses to make learning fun.  Last year I was trying to find ways to mix fall sensory play into our lessons when I was inspired to do this. When I thought about scenting our paint I decided it had to be safe to eat because well you know kids. Apple pie is the perfect scent as we move into fall back to school plans.

Fun Fall Sensory Play for even the youngest.


Making your own paints is a great way to have fun and get hands-on with your kids. We have a lot of fun making things like finger paints and homemade face paint. Other great options are making your own playdough or edible slime. One of my kids favorites this time of year are our pumpkin spice sensory play DIYs.

This thick and fragrant finger paint is a great addition to any fall lesson for the little ones.  This year even Baby Bear can join in on the sensory fun. While fingers are great tools for finger paint it doesn’t have to end there, you can buy texture painting tools or find your own around the house. From a fork to a pinecone the possibilities are endless.

Come and play with us and this homemade apple pie scented finger paint.

What you need:

What to do:

Mix dry ingredients, Slowly add water until desired texture is reached.  Slowly add drops of red food coloring until you are happy with the color.


This can stain so this is great for outdoors and old clothes if you make this a dark red.

Thick globs of this paint can chip off your paper after drying which takes a while to do if thick.

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