Aquarium Fish Sensory Bag

Seriously this is the cutest idea for mess free fish themed sensory play. The trick is to tape bags shut so little ones can not take it from squishy fun to total mess when you turn your head.

Mother Goose Time sent this Aquarium Fish Sensory Bag as the fish activity for the last day of the At the Pond theme. If you’re like me and skip around go grab it out you won’t regret having it ready to play with all month long.

Aquarium Fish Sensory Bag

What you need to make your own aquarium fish sensory bag

  • hair gel
  • fish confetti
  • grass (Or in my case blades from Christmas garland)
  • rocks or stones
  • tape
  • food coloring (optional)

Make your own aquarium fish sensory bag

Like any squishy sensory bag, these are really easy to make and will keep the kids busy for quite a while.

My oldest helped me add the confetti, some blue stones we had sitting around for another pond project and clippings from the garland I may have just now removed from the banister upstairs. Yes, we still have some Christmas stuff up lol. Opps.

After she filled the bags I filled them a good bit with clear hair gel from the dollar tree.

The rest of the hair gel I left in the bottle and added a bit of green food dye and a whole lot of mixing. This got squirted in right before taping shut so the kids could watch the “Algae” spread through the aquarium.

Not something they get to see first hand in our observation pond because we have a very hungry snail that leaves nothing to grow.

Aquarium Fish Sensory Bag

What to do with your aquarium fish sensory bag

All that was left is to play, squish, and explore while I read The Rainbow Fish to them. Ahhh. How I love sensory activities that keep little ones still while we read aloud.

This is a great activity to do with a pond or ocean unit study so you may want to save this one. My youngest calls it her squishy fishy.

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