Rainbow Color Sort Activity for Preschool

Looking through the Celebration kit for Saint Patrick’s Day from Mother Goose Time I seen this great game idea for the kids. It’s just perfect for my two youngest that are totally into colors right now. You can go ahead and laugh now that my rainbow is clearly missing ORANGE. I just knew this would be fun for the little ones while big kids do other work. I found myself laughing today when I pulled everything out and we had no spot to sort the orange items I had gathered. What happens when I go and put stuff together late at night when I should be sleeping.

Rainbow Color Sort Activity for Preschool

What you need for this fun rainbow color sort activity for preschoolers

  • paper plates
  • paint in rainbow colors
  • paintbrush
  • small items in each color of the rainbow

Set up your rainbow color sort

Paint each plate one sold color. Let dry.

Gather small solid color objects.

Have your child sort the objects into each plate. For older kid’s you could label each plate with the color name to help with reading skills. Talk to your child about the colors as they sort and have them repeat the color name with each item.

Rainbow Color Sort Activity for Preschool

Want more rainbow fun for Saint Patrick’s Day? These rainbow fruit skewers are a great healthy snack.

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