Resurrection Cross Craft for Easter

Mother Goose Time sent this one as a craft to go with the February Experience God set. I quickly fell in love with the Jesus in my rock craft only to fall into slight disappointment. The original plan failed. No amount of kid-friendly glue would hold pebbles in place but, my oldest and I had an idea.

We created our own craft perfect for decorating for easter. This Resurrection Cross craft is perfect now we spiced it up a bit.

What you need to make your own Resurrection Cross Craft for Easter

Resurrection Cross Craft for Easter

Cardboard cross – The one Mother Goose Time sent was about the thickness of a cereal box. We ended up gluing all 4 together before it was strong enough to hang. If doing this on my own I would cut one from a corrugated cardboard box.

Pebbles – This is a great way to get the youngest kids to help, or you can buy a bag for crafts. I really like these ones used for succulents and have been using them for crafts and projects.

Glue gun and 2-3 glue sticks – This is why I no longer recommend this project for the preschool age. While the original does not use hot glue you learn quickly that the pebbles will not stay attached.

Resurrection Cross Craft for Easter

Make your own Easter Resurrection Cross

This was still a great project for my oldest kids who have not had much of a chance to use the glue gun. One of those skills is best practiced while the toddlers are not running around. The children started on one end and worked through the cross filling it with pebbles.

After the entire cross was covered in pebbles I had them clean up loose strings of glue. While they worked we discussed how we can lean on God in times of trouble and how just like when Jesus came back to life we will make it through the challenges we face in life.

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Resurrection Cross Craft for Easter

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