Are You My Mother? by Dr Seuss Baby Bird Craft

Are You My Mother by Dr. Seuss is a childhood classic we all remember. Now we have kids I love digging out stories from our childhood. I found a bunch of Dr. Suess board books for cheap on Amazon. The girls fell in love and have beat them up a bit. Nothing wrong with well-loved books right.

Are you my mother by dr seuss lesson plans

The September box from Mother Goose Time included a day to learn about pet birds that suggested the book Are you my Mother by Dr Seuss and this cute craft for creating a baby bird.

Are You My Mother follows the sad story of a little bird that hatched all alone and went in search for his mother. He askes every one he meets if they are his missing mother as he walks and walks. Like Green Green Eggs and Ham this book uses a lot of repetition perfect for young readers to gain confidence.

This simple kids craft involves decorating any small disposable cup making a great recycling project. Simply color and add embellishments from your supply box like feathers and googly eyes. Mother Goose Time sends everything we need for these projects saving me time.

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Talk about Are You My Mother with your child.

Ask your child questions to get them thinking and develop reading comprehension. The more you bring the books you read to life with your child the more skill they will develop their reading skill.

Do you remember why the mother bird left?

Have you ever been lost? How did you find your parents again? What did you feel?

Get active

Go on a field trip to the local pet store or bird exhibit at your local zoo to see birds up close and personal

Use your little baby birds to act out the story. Work with your child to go around asking different things if they are the little bird’s mother. Then talk to your child about where these things come from.


This cute craft and lesson Ideas for Are You My Mother is perfect for every Dr Seuss fan

Don’t let the fun end there. Check out this My Many Colored Days invitation to create to make a fun little person to talk about emotions with your child.

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  • Heather @ Kraus House Mom says:

    When I was 3 I got lost and left the store and went into the store next door. the employees watched me walk in by myself so they went next door to find out if anyone was missing a little blond girl.

    • Jenn says:

      Oh my, how scary. I am so glad you made it back to your family safe.

  • Shauna says:

    Oh my goodness, that was my most-favorite book when I was little. Now my kids love it, too! This craft is adorable. Thanks for sharing

  • Jeanette says:

    We read this book so often I am pretty sure I didn’t even need open the book anymore to read it. We love this book.

  • Liz Mays says:

    How precious is this?!! Such a fun way to extend the book’s fun!

  • Sarah says:

    Awe too cute. My kids would love another craft.

  • Jennifer says:

    Awww…I just loved this book when I was a kid and really enjoy reading it to my kids. This is a super cute craft. We’ll have to make one the next time we read the book!

  • Amy Desrosiers says:

    This is a perfect story book companion craft that I would have loved to make with my students. I think your baby bird came out great.

  • Kathy says:

    That is such a cute craft! I should make them with my girls and grab the book from the library. We love Dr Seuss!

  • Reesa Lewandowski says:

    Such a cute craft to go along with the story. I love when you can combine something hands on with reading.

  • Chelley @ A is For Adelaide says:

    My kids walked away once and I LOST it. How scary it was! We read this book often- my girls love it!

  • Sarah says:

    Adorable craft to go along with a great book. I always loved reading Dr. Seus books and my kids seem to enjoy them as well.

  • Dawn gibson-thigpen says:

    oh i love this. dr seuss is so awesome. its funny because kids and adults love the books and totally get something out of them.

  • Dawn Lopez says:

    I love to make a craft to go along with a book I’m reading. It’s such a great way to get your kids to talk about what they read. 🙂

  • Ann Bacciaglia says:

    Are You My Mother by Dr Seuss is an amazing book. I remember learning to read with it. I will have to get out my copy and make this craft with my friends little ones this weekend.