12 Reasons Why We Love Mother Goose Time

We have been ambassadors for Mother Goose Time for several months now. It has seen some pretty big ups and downs with us. A cross-country move, a devastating loss, and everything in between. We have been so blessed ad have had nothing, but good to say. Each box is like Christmas month after month and the kids are learning all year-long.

Take a look at Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum.

1. Individually packed days.

A great part about Mother Goose Time is each day comes individually packed and ready for some fun. For more relaxed homeschoolers like us this means the younger kids can dig through a box and see the beautiful cover images/posters for each day and then we can dig in to learn about what caught their interest.

It makes it easy to go with the flow. While each day will have a few things extra needed like glue, markers, paint ect. The gathering list and teacher guide make it easy to gather the things we need before we give each day as an option for the kids. If we do not have everything needed I just move that day to a different box so we don’t hit a snag when one of the kids pick a day.

Individually packed days for grab and go.

2. Discover new Maipulitives with Mother Goose Time

Manipulatives are amazing tools for tactile learners. Mother goose time gets this. Each month they include and integrate new math manipulatives. Many of which are custom made for the program and amazingly cute.

We have gotten everything from pattern blocks to custom counters. The first thing the kids ask to see when a new box comes is the manipulatives. Our collection may be getting out of hand between Mother Goose Time and what catches the kid’s eyes while shopping.

#math is getting out of hand

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3. Great books.

I personally am quite impressed with the books that come inside Mother Goose Time. Many of which are custom written for the theme by the CEO of Mother Goose Time.

One even had a bit of cursive which had me floored! How great is it that Mother Goose Time despite being for younger children includes this for them to become familiar with.

Why your children should learn cursive and the workbook we recommend.

4. Interactive classroom decor

When it comes to creating a cute but, functional learning area things in child reach need to be created for children to play with.

Mother Goose Time has a complete circle time set up you get with your first box that gets an upgrade with new features to fit each theme every single month. These pieces are literally meant for your child to get up close and personal with. Interactive learning areas pull them in and get the ready to learn.

Tips for an interactive pre school schoolroom

5. Music integration

Music is a powerful tool in teaching children and Mother Goose Time doesn’t miss a beat. With a monthly theme CD, daily songs to sing with your children, and a dance program for kids add-on Mother Goose Time brings music and fun into learning and kids love it.

Mother Goose time offers great music integration

6. Learning through games

Games are a great way for kids to learn. They make nearly everything a hands on multi sensory activity and Mother Goose Time makes sure to use a few games each month to take advantage of this powerful tool in learning.

Learning with Board Games

7. Learning through art

Art projects are a great way to get kids having fun and learning at the same time. The arts work on motor skills development and creativity. Both of which will go a long way when they get older.

Mother Goose time provides the materials and the ideas for crafts so you don’t have to do the work and you can spend more of your time enjoying these experiences with your kids.

Mother Goose Time crafts for kids.

8. Planning and teacher guides to make your life easier.

We use a semi free style in our homeschooling. You would think that would mean less planning right? Nope, nope, nope. It means I need all the help I can get because our days can go in multiple directions, all in the same day.

Mother Goose Time is great for this because I can open a box on a topic and we can do a day.. or two… or even three as the kids become more interested in a topic. Mother Goose time is an amazing tool for me because I never have to worry about planning the younger kids schooling and it can be brought up to my oldest level, or down to my youngest and they did all of the work for me.

They pick a day pack from the box, I look in the book and grab the things we need and we dig right in. Most days have something the little can do while the big kids do one their online classes, or work one on one with me on another topic.

The planner and teacher guide make everything so much easier on me and we can get 4 kids done with school in 2-4 hours a day depending on how much they want to explore. 2 to 4 hours a day that’s it and the kids don’t even realize they are learning because Mother Goose Time is fun.

Teacher Guides make Mother goose Time a breeze for busy families.

9. Faith based add on option

Mother Goose Time has a great faith-based option to add-on or even use on its own. Each month the teacher pack comes with 4 illustrated cards for the bible story for the months topic and a guide packed with 20 daily bible-based activities and 4 fun days we use for “Sunday School.”

Mother Goose Time Faith Based add-on

I know my kids are getting a well-rounded Christian education that will ground them to a life of faith and joy in the Lord.

10. Workbook options

I originality started getting these for my son and when he moved up beyond them we started using them with Owl. These are cute workbooks that often use hands-on activities that we bring the whole family into like when Monkey used the workbook to teach her brother how to build a sentence.

These are optional add-ons for teaching above and beyond the complete curriculum making it work for kindergartens as well.

Mother Goose Time workbook add-on for bigger kids.

11. Built in character building

Mother Goose Time is a complete curriculum that even includes a built-in character program that builds your child’s social and personal development while they play and learn. Mother Goose Time focuses on one topic per month and even rewards your child for learning the trait.

12. Celebrate with Mother Goose Time

On top of providing and amazing complete and customization friendly curriculum every month this year Mother Goose Time is included a celebration pack to get family and friend involved and have a bit of fun.

Each theme fits the events happening during the month and includes everything you need from invites to games, and even snack ideas to make the most out of your little party.

This has come in really handy this year when life got too crazy for me to really make any plans to make the holidays special for the kids. Mother goose Time made sure they never skipped a beat.

Mother Goose time Pumpkin Patch Party

Come join us and give Mother Goose Time a try with a full free day! Try Mother Goose Time Now.

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