Learning Through Dance

As fall and winter start rolling in we are spending more time indoors than out. The little ones get so pent up with energy you need a simple and easy way to keep them busy and having fun. For my little dance is a great way to get them up and moving to burn off that extra energy.

To help make things easier for me, we get the Dancing Beats add-on from Mother Goose Time. The girls love to learn new ways to dance to the fun and upbeat music Banding beats has to offer. I love watching them smile while they burn off all that toddler energy.

Not only are they burning off all of that extra energy Dance helps them learn in so many ways. There is not much more exciting then when you achieve a new milestone in life. The same goes for your little one. Dance allows them to strengthen their gross motor skills so they can achieve more.

Learnign with Dance

Mother Goose Times Dancing Beats program incorporates dozens of different core moves that strengthen gross motor skills and incorporates cross midline motion. We are working on using the teacher guide to start working regular Dance classes into our week once the winter weather comes in.

Check out these samples of Dance N Beats from simpleathome.com/mothergoosetime


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