Helping Keep a Busy Father Connected to our Homeschool.

Wehn we joined Mother Goose Time my husband was a stay at home dad so we never really had use for the monthly family newsletter. After all, he was home to see what the kids were up to all month long. Now things are a bit different here with him working so many long hours.

Family Newsletter

The Family newsletter helps keep my husband connected to our homeschool. It tells him what the younger three will be working on and bits of what the older children will. I have taken to adding a sheet with plans for the big kids to it along with a shopping list of anything I need to ask him to pick up for me.

The Family newsletter from Mother Goose Time also gives him quick hints on how he can help his children learn and grow when he is home. I don’t have to think about everything he needs to know or of how to ask him to help the children. Instead, I simply give him the family newsletter, my notes on adaptions for the big kids and planned lessons for them along with our shopping list and roll with it.

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