The Doc McStuffins Gift Guide

My 4-year-old has become addicted to doc Mc Stuffins and she is all about getting Doc mcStuffins goodies for Christmas this year. These are the top Ideas I found when deal hunting for her Christmas gifts. These Doc McStiffins gifts are sure to make your little one squeal in delight.

Just Play Doc McStuffins Hospital Doctors Bag Set is the updated version of the one my oldest had when she was a toddler. We still have a few rouge pieces from that set the kids play with.

I am debating between a few of the larger playsets for my little 9one. They are all so cool but you know we only have room for so many and with my oldest Huge Moster high castle, the playroom is getting smaller this Christmas. The  Just Play Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart Toy set is pretty cool and travels the house pretty well.

This Just Play Doc Mcstuffins Baby All in One Nursery Toy set is super cool and can be used for both the girls Doc McStuffins and baby doll imaginative play.

How could they pretend to be Doc McStuffins without Lambie? Right now they use little lambs stuffed lamb but this one is so perfect with her ballerina skirt. Disney Jr. Doc McStuffins Lambie 7″ Plush

We love books around here This Doc McStuffins: Doc on Call: Board Book Boxed Set is perfect for bringing reading into the girl’s imaginative play which is always a plus.

Of course to play they will need their very 9own Big Book Of Booo Boos The girls will be so happy to wake up to this on Christmas morning. Tara Toy Doc McStuffins Big Book of Boo Boos

We have a few of the pet Dr care sets running around that I found last year but if you ask the girls “It’s not Doc McStuffins” So I think they will flip when they see this. Just Play Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Pet Carrier Findo Plush

What round of Imaginitve play can’t benifit form a little dress up? I plan to add this Doc McStuffins dress up set to the kids Dress up bin this year. Doc Toy Hospital Classic Doc Mcstuffins Disney Junior Costume, Large4-6X

For the large play set I am leaning mroe twards this Doc McStuffins Mobile Cart. I love how it can go everywhere including the back yard while the kids are out playing next summer.

I remeber haveing one of these in the walk in closet for a place to sleep when I was  alittle girl down in Tenassee. I loved my Marshmellow sofa bed thing-a-magig and I think the girls would have a ball if I put a couple of these in the family room for them to loung on during movie nights. Marshmallow Furniture, Childrens 2 in 1 Flip Open Foam Sofa, Disney Doc McStuffins, by Spin Master

Stuffy the dragon makes the perfect aditon to go with lambie in the kids play set so ofcourse we have to snag him. Ty Disney Doc McStuffins Stuffy – Dragon

If marshmellow furniture is not quite your kids cup of tea this chair is perfect for them to snuggle up in and read those Doc McStuffins baord books. Disney Doc McStuffins Toddler Saucer Chair

What Doc McStuffins goodies will end up at your chouse this Holiday Season?

These Doc McStuffins Ideas are perfect for your little one!

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