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Not long ago Monkey asked to start learning multiplication. We printed up a multiplication cart and came up with a few fun games of our own to get her practicing them. Multiplication is very much a memorization based topic. Something I struggle with myself. I always wondered how some kids managed to memorize the multiplication tables. We never spend that much time on them in school. I think I just had my head in a book too much to really care to work on my own. Now I kinda have to figure all of this out so my own children can learn. We got to give Times Tales by The Trigger Memory Co. a try to help give Monkey an advantage.

The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW
We received the digital pack which comes with everything the DVD pack does but without taking up space on the selves. Times tales comes with 2 video parts and three PDFs of printable that you can make as many copies of as you need… forever. This is great for families that have multiple children to teach multiplication facts.

This is an interactive video which means you need to pause a bit. Okay a lot. And you have to be FAST so this is not a program mom can put on and walk away from. To wash the dishes. It’s also not a good one for when babies and toddlers are around needing attention because you have very little time to hear that ding and pause the video before your child gets the answers.

Times Tales is a bunch of cute stories that help your child memorize the times tables. You find yourself thinking what in the world does this have to do with anything? And then you laugh at yourself because it’s really genius. Your child memorizes the story only to discover its a word problem with the answer hidden inside it’s self. These stories stick in their heads making the problems covered easy to memorize.

The PDFs include flash cards for drilling and memorization, a cute dice game for fun interactive practice, and basic worksheets and quizzes to help kn ow when your child is ready to move on to the next part. Everything you need is provided and ready to go for you without any extra planning, just print, cut, and go.

If you’re looking to start a young child on multiplication and make it run instead of stress full times tales is a great way to get going. You can even try a free sample of the upper nines times tables to see if it is a good fit for your family. In about 15 minutes your child will learn 9×6, 9×7, 9×8, & 9×9 and have fun doing it stress free.

Times Tales by the The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW
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