How to REALLY Make Money Blogging

The web is full of talk and ads about blogging and making it rich.  Facebook is full of get rich quick blogging schemes and they sound fishy. 300 words a week and earn a full-time income? You think that’s gotta be too good to be true right? The answer is yes. You can make money blogging but it is NOT a get rich quick scheme. 300 words a week wont even get you onto googles radar let alone drive enough traffic for revenue. With hard work and dedication you CAN earn money.

Can you really make money blogging?

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Is blogging is the portable, work from anywhere career you have been looking for? We are gonna split this into two sections 1. How to start a blog and 2. How to make money blogging so this post is for everyone.

1 How to start a blog you want to make money from.

If you want to start blogging for profit starting out right is the key to success. While blogging for fun means you can jump in, write a post about your kids and publish writing for profit is a bit more complicated (if you want to really make money that is.) Setting up for success is what makes the difference between a failed business and a profitable one.

Go in with a business mind-set. You will not start any other business without a plan and you should not start a blog without one either. Blogging is a business and this means you are a professional. Yep a professional blogger, a business woman, an entrepreneur.

Write about what you love. There is no use is starting a blog if you have to write about something you do not have a passion for every single day. Not only will you feel the need to walk away your readers will know how you feel about the topic and they wont bother coming back. After you know what you want to write about brain storm and figure out who your target audience is. Write to that target, advertise to that target

Prepare your site. When you want to make a profit from blogging you need a great blog to do it. Set up a WordPress site on paid hosting. This is vital so that own all of your content. No one can shut your site down but you. WordPress is the best platform for blogging with built-in security, user-friendly interface and plugins that allow you to do nearly anything.

Set up your site with important pages. You will need a disclaimer, about page, contact page, and privacy policy. Once your pages are done you can start writing content.

Once your site is set up there are a few things to consider for great profitable content. Before launch you want a minimum of 20 posts of high value content to give you plenty that you can rotate between for sharing, and for readers to click around and stay on your site longer.

SEO Is VITAL to the growth of your site, Learn the basics of SEO in my no-nonsense guide, install and use Yost SEO WordPress plug-in, and continue to keep up to date to date with best SEO practices.

You need high quality images. Do NOT use google to find images for your blog unless you have big bucks to spare in a law suit. Brainstorm a list of blog posts and check out a free trial to Graphicstock to collect images you can use on your site. Not into PhotoShop? Picmoney has a free option that will help you make great images that will liven up your posts and drive traffic in today’s visual world.

Last but not least you need social media. You need a facebook page, pintrest, instagram, Google Plus, and stumble upon… Yep that’s a lot but lucky you great apps like Buffer can do most of the work for you after a bit of set up. I suggest learning one platform at a time and starting your accounts and sharing other bloggers content fitting your blog BEFORE your sit launches to build followers for a great launch.

So now you have a blog, you have learned the ropes, and you are ready to earn a bit of money for your hard work. You can move on to part 2.

2. How to Make Money Blogging

Ad networks to make money blogging

Adsense is a google powered ad network and the best known option.

Amazon CPM is a high performing ad network powered by Amazon Associates. If you live in a state with Amazon associates you want to take advantage of this revenue stream.

Affiliate programs to make Money Blogging

is one of the easiest affiliate companies to work with. Nearly everything you can imagine is available on amazon making promotion a breeze.

Share a Sale is a great affiliate network with some of your favorite online shopping sites.

If you want to find an affiliate program for a site you love type the site name and “affiliates” into google.

Create your own product to make money blogging

One of the best ways to earn money from your blog is to create your own products. You can create nearly anything. Ebooks, printables, and ecourses are popular ways bloggers make money. Make a list of things you can create to earn money blogging and dive in.

Earn money blogging with sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are a great way to earn extra money from your blog. Sponsored posts are where brands PAY YOU to write about them on your blog. You can find great networks that work to pay you to blog.

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