Simple Ways You Can Earn Extra Money

Are you looking for some ways to earn some extra money? In today’s economy, a full-time job is not enough to take care of your needs let alone an entire family. With a little creativity and ingenuity, there are some great things you can do to try increasing your income to help take some of the stress of the current economy off of your family. These are just a few ways you can make extra money to help make things a bit easier on your family when you have some free time. 

Start your own business

There are a ton of great ways you can start your own business to make extra money. you can use anything that you are passionate about to build a business that can help you earn extra money and one day maybe even build it into a full-time thing.


Some crafts really sell well online. As the economy sinks and the quality of products you can buy in the store is dropping by the day making it far from worth the cost handcrafted items are in high demand. If you are crafty you can start making money off of the crafts you are


Freelancing has been a great source of income for my family. From creating recipes for other bloggers to working on logos for businesses putting my computer skills to work allows me to earn while being home with the kids with faster payouts than blogging so if we ever need a bit extra for things like motorcycle parts or stuff for the kids all I have to do is host a sale.


Photography is one of my passions and it used to be my day job. Now I have the privilege of using my photography for my freelance business, my blog, and for starting earning an extra income by selling stock photos or taking on a gig photographing events.


I have a few friends that make extra money by selling baked goods they make at home. If you have the skills to decorate cakes and cupcakes you can easily make extra money selling these to people looking for unique options for their parties and events.

Take the time to explore your skills and passions to find a business idea that you will enjoy putting your time into and will fill a need someone has to help bring in some extra income. You never know you may just create the next big thing.

Join the gig economy

The popularity of the gig economy offering services like Instant Cart, Door Dash, and Uber has taken off in the past few years. These services allow for you to work the hours that work for you doing gigs that you accept rather than being told that you have to do them.

This is great for someone that wants to make their own hours and be their own boss while having the help and backing of a successful business behind them. Gig jobs are not the best option for a sole income for a family but they can be a great way to earn extra money to meet the needs of your family. 

Try surveys and reward programs

Good old surveys and rewards programs like Swagbucks are still thriving and still a great way to earn a little extra money on your own terms. These are great for doing when you have a bit of spare time instead of simply scrolling social media.

While you will not earn a lot of money this way it can be a great addition to your income whether it be to help pay for the holidays or everyday expenses. 

Start a blog

Blogging is still a popular way to bring in extra income and many people are still finding it to be a very profitable way to earn extra money. Blogging and even social media like Instagram and Tic Tok are popular ways to earn extra money from home.

While social media takes a bit of popularity to make money blogging can earn with both social traffic and search engine traffic through targeted SEO so blogging can work for just about anyone willing to learn. 

Pet sitting

My aunt has some great luck with listing her services for dog sitting in her own home. This allows her to make money from home while doing what she already does all day long with her own dog. This is a great way for animal lovers to make extra money on their own terms. 

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