Innovative And Easy Ways To Make Extra Money In A Changing Economy

Times have changed and more and more families are looking for ways to make money and take even take a step away from the traditional workforce. For many, these changing times are forcing you to get creative and find a way to start your own income streams so if one falls apart you always have a backup. If you seen a major hit to your finances past year or two odds are you are learning alo9t about the importance of multiple income streams. These innovative and easy ways to make extra money will help you keep afloat in a changing economy. For the best results, you want more than one income stream. 

Start a craft business

Business is booming for craft businesses as the economy shifts. The quality of handmade items has become more than worth the price for many, and this has given many families the opportunity to earn extra income working from home. If you are creative, you can make some extra money while letting your imagination run wild.

The same applies to nearly every craft. Popular craft businesses include handmade cards, jewelry, fashion items, and tumblers. Resin art is taking off as this easy-to-use medium is taking center stage, and 3D printers have become a massive moneymaker. 

If you do a craft as a hobby and you are good at it, odds are there is a way you can make money off of it. Even if it is just enough to keep your hobby funded you will still see a worthy return. 

Do odd jobs in your community

Even though many odd jobs now fall under the gig economy, like DoorDash and Instant Cart, if you have handy skills you can still find a lot of odd jobs that are independent, including painting houses and installing entertainment systems.

One of my husband’s old co-workers had an entire list of side hustle-style jobs he did when he wasn’t working. Quite frankly if that young man doesn’t get everything he wants in life with that kind of drive I don’t know who will.

I once read a story about an unemployed man that decided he wanted to work no matter what. He grabbed some stencils and spray paint and went out and made a full-time income spray painting the numbers to people’s homes on the curbs. Finding odd jobs to do is more about the drive to be successful in making extra money than anything else. 

Make a list of the skills you have that you could offer to those in your community. Anyone with the skill set can do things like yard work, changing oil, and caring for gardens and pets while others are away on vacation.

Resell things

It is possible to earn money online on sites such as eBay and Etsy by buying or selling treasures you find, whether as is or after you clean them up before you list them. 

This can be done simply by decluttering your home or you can go visiting thrift stores where items are often sold without thinking about the value of the items. This can lead to finding some incredibly valuable items to resell. I once found a string of real pearls for only $6 and a vintage poetry book for $1 at Goodwill while just shopping for our family. 

Teach something

What skill do you have that others would find useful? From gardening to developing a website, this can include a wide variety of topics. Odds are you are good at something people would like to learn. 

If you are currently teaching locally, you should work on developing a website or YouTube channel that helps educate people around the world about what you know. The ability to earn extra money in this way will help you build up your income over time.

If you have experience in something like running a business many people are having great success coaching people one-on-one on how to run their business, and no matter what your niche is, there are markets for coaching. This is a great way to make money helping others.

Work at home jobs

With the job market booming and telecommuting job opportunities becoming more appealing, companies are offering more work at home positions. By outsourcing these jobs, businesses can reduce overhead costs as employees are not in the office using power and WiFi but are using their own resources at home. If you are not looking for a full-time option, you may be able to earn some income from these work-from-home jobs as a part-time project.

Start a cottage foods business

Several states allow for setting up a cottage food business to sell homemade jams, jellies, and baked goods that are made locally. Those who are close to a farmer’s market should take advantage of this opportunity to make money off their extra produce from their garden.

Farm stands and farmers’ markets tend to enjoy homemade jams and jellies which taste more delicious than store-bought versions. When you make connections with an event planner in your area, selling your baked goods is a great way to make money. If you are good at decorating, this is a great way to make money.

Take a gamble

If you have a few extra dollars to invest and hope for the best you can try your hand at making money with stocks. this can be done with as little as $1 and you can regularly invest your spare change to build up your portfolio with an app like Stash, Join today to get $20 in free stocks to get started.

If you want a faster-paced gamble to toss a few dollars into you can try your hand at earning money with cryptocurrencies. Try an app like Coinbase where you can earn free cryptocurrencies to get started.

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