Crafts That Sell Online For A Profitable Home Business

As the economy takes big swings more made more people are liking to start their own businesses from home. Starting your own craft business online is a great way to make money doing something you love right in your own home so you can make money while being home to care for your family. When looking to start your home crafting business you should look for a profitable craft that sells well online. 

The best crafts that sell online

These are just a few of the best crafts for selling online. With a little creativity, you may find many more amazing selling items to stock your own craft website or Etsy Shop. 

Handmade bath and body products

Your customers can enjoy relaxing and environmentally friendly options by ditching the chemicals for natural homemade soap and bath bombs made from natural ingredients. 

Think outside the box and offer fun combinations of bath bombs, herbal bath salts, and shampoo bars. Hand-made bath and body products make for a great online seller as people make moves towards more natural and hand-crafted items.

Handmade candles

Making your home cozy and inviting with candles is a popular choice. It’s back in fashion to make candles that smell wonderful and are decorative once again. Candles make great crafts you can do at home and sell for a handsome profit. 

You can see how well unique and interesting candles can sell by looking at the prices that people are willing to pay for plain candles. When I was growing up my mother noticed what people were willing to pay and took it up a notch creating many of the cool food-designed candles like pies and milkshakes that so many sell now.  

Handmade cards

With everything going on in the world and spending time with loved ones being so limited Smail mail greeting cards have made a comeback. My younger self that used to stock up on cards to send to my husband when he was away in the army would have a ball with the selection of handmade cards available on the internet now. 

Many of these cards are now being made by people who have cutting machines and some creative flair. For about the same price as mass-produced cards you would buy at a store, you can get hand-crafted unique cards that your money will be well spent supporting small businesses. 

Because of this change, many crafters are seeing a rise in sales and often find themselves turning away orders. Making custom cards is a great craft to run a creative business. You can get creative with the wording, and it sells well, while still being affordable. 

It doesn’t have to end with greeting cards. The same crafting tools can be used to make extend into invitations and other hand-crafted mail.

Handmade jewelry

Jewelry made by hand is popular and makes a great gift. From beading to wire wrapping, once you master jewelry crafting you can sell these pieces and even take custom orders making a hefty profit for each one, after the low cost of supplies. 

For handmade wire wrap jewelry use rocks and gemstones that are affordable like amethyst and rose quartz for a modern touch. 

Home decor

Spending more time at home means investing in things that make a home feel cozy and welcoming. Many people are making big overhauls to their home designs.

The demand for handmade wooden signs has translated to an increase in home decor sales. It is possible to take advantage of this to start your own crafting business and increase your income with some creativity, wood, paint, and a wood burner. 

If you are skilled in knitting or crochet there is an opening for macrame wall decor and plant hangers. these beautiful hand-crafted works of art are a great opportunity to show off your skill and make money online.


The popularity of customized and simply unique tumbler cups has soared as more consumers look for an eco-friendly alternative to disposable cups and bottles. The thick double-walled cups are great for keeping drinks cold or hot, and the fun and innovative designs that artists are putting out into the world mean that no one has to have the same cup. 

I for one am extremely impressed at some of the amazing designs I have seen online. Several strong home-crafting businesses have been built on the back of these products.


A great seller is handmade t-shirts that are fun and unique. People love to stand out and be different from the rest of the crowd. A few ways are available for making t-shirts yourself. Currently, vinyl and sublimation printing are the most popular options for handcrafted t-shirts, though screen printing and airbrushing are still great options as well.

Vinyl can be cut with one of several cutting machines available and then transferred to your fabric of choice. There are easy options for beginners that only require a little computer experience and some elbow grease. The best vinyl option for t-shirts is heat transfer vinyl so you will need an iron to start with. 

Sublimation printing is a popular way to transfer designs to t-shirts and other items in order to achieve a professional look. If your home craft business grows, this can be an excellent option for stepping up your designs. Right now this method is very popular and finding the printers is next to impossible. 

Children’s hair accessories

Children’s bright and fun hair accessories are extremely popular and never truly go out of style though styles are constantly changing. Building a loyal fan base with this craft is a great way to make a profit for years to come. 

Gather supplies like ribbons, beads, and clips in bulk or on sale to help lower the overall cost. To increase your online sales make accessories for seasons, birthdays, and special interests.

Children’s costumes

From newborn photo props to full-blown Halloween costumes parents spend big money on unique handmade costumes for their children. If you knit, crochet, or sew odds are you can a great profit from selling children’s costumes online.

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