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This review was a little different for us. You see I am dyslexic, a writer, and a homeschooling mother. How’s that for a combination? I jumped at the chance to review Logic of English language arts curriculum Essentials 2nd Edition. A chance to learn what elementary school teachers had deemed not worth teaching me.

A chance to try something new that may just mean the difference between learning what I want or continuing to rely on spell check like my teachers told my family I could get through life doing. It is safe to say they never imagined I would be a writer or that spell checker would really become a spell wrecker.

Logic of English Language Arts Curriculum

I went into using Logic of English with high hopes. I am happy to say I was not disappointed. Out of all of the great things, I have gotten to try with The School House review crew Logic of English Essentials 2nd Edition is by far my favorite product I have had the privilege to review.

Logic of English Essentials covers reading, spelling, phonics, grammar, and vocabulary all in ONE program. All in about 30-45 minutes a day. This program is great because you can adjust the pace as needed and work it into your families schedule.

You have complete freedom to do what works for you and your family. Children with dyslexia or special needs may need a bit of extra time while gifted students may finish this program rather quickly.

I love how this program works for families with multi-levels. Right now we have just Monkey using the student workbooks while I am going through the textbook and playing the games with her. I am really learning as much as she is.

Soon I will have to order more of the student workbooks so the other children can use this program when they get older. The student consumables include a workbook and a great spelling journal that lets them really focus on the different word families.

When the box arrived I was amazed! This program is so much more than a classic textbook program. Logic of English uses hands on games and activities to make learning to read and spell… well fun.

The spelling tiles are great for getting hands on with spelling work which is really helpful for dyslexics like me. Something about manipulating the tiles helps me so much more than just looking at the words or writing them.

Our favorite thing to do is take the flash cards with us on the road. Monkey and I love going over the cards together. I am perplexed daily over the complexity of the English language. Phonograms really help me understand the words I am spelling and even help me as I learn to pronounce words I have read but never heard aloud before.

I have no idea how I was never taught these as a child. Perhaps due to moving repeatedly or being is schools that were failing even back then for elementary. All I know is so much of this is all new to me and one thing I have learned is that English is illogical and we can all benefit from learning the details.

The grammar and spelling rules are a big part of our lives now. Even on days, we do not use the program we pull one out and practice using the rules during the day. The whole family is seeing changes with this one as we work through it all. Even the babies are picking up new words in their daily speech from what they hear us going over.

Logic of English Essentials.

I feel that Logic of English Essentials is not like other programs. It really leaves nothing out and while it is pretty intense you have the advantage of multiple levels in one curriculum that you can teach side by side saving you time in your homeschool day leaving more time for family, friends, and the things you really enjoy. We will be restarting in the Fall and will hopefully roll right into volume 2.

With the edition of the Logic of English Reader, we have a complete reading program as well. This is great as it fully rounds a language arts program that really needs no other additions for about 3rd and 4th grade levels.  

While this was created for kids 3rd and above that struggle with reading it was the perfect fit for Monkey who if you go by her umbrella school registration is a 2nd grader for a few more months.

All in all I really could not be happier with the Logic of English Essentials Language Arts Program. If you are looking for a language arts program that will not leave gaps or even fill in possible gaps your child (or you) may have Logic of English is a great choice.

Now personally looking at the price of this program I would have walked away. The price tag looks a bit scary until that box arrives and you see how much is in it. then you count that the textbook and flash cards can be used with more than one child.

That this program spans multiple years of instruction well that price tag seems a lot less scary. In fact, after spending several weeks immersed into this program I have to say Logic of English Essentials is WORTH the investment.

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Logic of English ReviewLogic of English Review
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