Jolly Literacy Can Do Cubes {review}

I was excited when we had the opportunity to review the Can D0 Cubes from just2ducks LLC on  with the kids. I love anything hands on for learning. With young children and ADHD children in the house, it really helps to have things that use the hands and body for learning.

Can do cubes

These cubes had the kids excited. The littles started stacking them like little kids do with blocks. All giggles and laughs. That’s how we discovered if you look REALLY close you will find REALLY tiny numbers or sound combos at the bottom of the faces of the cube. To help you put them back in their slots. Still a challenge but that does speed it up.

With the younger kid’s I had them roll a cube and name the letter it landed on. This was a fun easy way to work on letters with the youngest of the children. It is so cute to see the two of them toss a cube. They call out the letter it landed on as they jump and squeal.

With my son we had him use them for a hands-on component for Jolly Phonics. He enjoyed using them to spell words found inside his phonics program each day letting him work on reading and spelling skills.

Get hands on with Can Do Cubes

Get hands on with #phonics and #spelling with Can Do Cubes #reviewcrew

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We even used these with Monkey. I used the handy posters included with this set to find words and what cubes I needed for each one. We would roll them Yahtzee style with a jumbo cup. She would look through the letters to spell the words I called out to her. This quickly became a favorite game. Between her ADHD and my Dyslexia, we both benefitted from this new way to work on spelling. These became a regular part of Monkeys lessons.

These are great for the whole family and an amazing tool for allowing the children to grow and learn together as they made up their own games using the Can Do Cubes. They have taken a beating from my kids playing with them so much.

What can Can Do Cubes do for you?

Can Do Cubes are solid wood blocks fitting for a Montessori learning style. They are imprinted a little light making them hard to read as the blocks get worn down and dirty from regular use. After a while, I was forced to take a fine tip sharpie and make some the letters readable again. I think if they were stamped deeper and burned a little darker they would hold up more to regular use. This may not be necessary for older kids not prone to being quite so rough on them. Or maybe it’s the rolling that does it.

With Can Do Cubes we have made leaps and bounds in phonics, letter recognition, reading, and spelling. These blocks are a great addition to any multi age homeschool 

The site can be hard to navigate but, you can find a few great tools and freebies so check it out. These cubes have their own tab on the top.

Can Do Cubes

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