Butterfly Ribbon Dancer Craft

It’s spring… or should be. The weather does not seem to have gotten the memo. In fact we have a cold front heading our way again this weekend. Remind me again why I am back up north?

While we kill some time indoors Mother Goose Time has us doing some spring time learning with bees and butterflies.

Butterfly Dancer Craft perfect for spring time play for kids.

We love all of the great things that fit into our lives from Mother Goose Time. It’s rainy hear and instead of hearing “I’m board” we are dancing around the house with our butterflies as we learn about monarch butterflies.

Its fun to incorporate crafts as we learn and this one even counts as a fun activity to help monkey learn work on her Insect badge for American Heritage Girls.

For Butterfly Ribbon Dancer Craft you will need:

  • Card stock
  • Crayons, markers, or paint
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • 18 inchs of ribbon
  • Craft stick

Make your own Butterfly Ribbon Dancer

Fold your card stock in half the long way, then cut your card stock in half the short way. Cutting with the folded half intact cut half of a butterfly shape from both pieces of card stock.

Unfold your butterflies and decorate each one like your own little butterflies. We opted to go with crayon for this craft because as you can see in the picture below paints can get a little bit crazy with toddlers and we like to let them explore and get messy with paint. (Hey it washes off)

Why do we use paints outside? Less mess for mom with two toddlers.

Once your butterflies are decorated you can tape them to the butterflies and the back of the craft stick.

Have your child hold the stick and shake it side to side to create waves making the butterflies dance.

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