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Spelling games are a great way to teach spelling to kids that need extra practice or may become overwhelmed easily.  I myself am dyslexic and struggle is spelling. To help my kids successes at the tough skill I decided I would make learning to spell fun.

Fun ways to play and learn to spell

Alphabet Soup spelling game

My oldest has a passion for anything to do with cooking, serving, and operating a restaurant. It is her passion and we love fueling her life with the things she is passionate about. Her favorite game to play is where she pretends to run her own diner. One day she was serving soup made from letters and that gave me an idea.

I created an alphabet soup printable where I can order a word and she prepares and serves it. You can get your copy along with other great tips to Make Spelling Fun.

Use ASL to make your own spelling games

By teaching your child the alphabet in sign language you can use finger spelling to communicate anywhere anytime. Finger spelling is a great way to practice spelling for people that do best when being active. We have a great Free Fingerspelling Starter Set to give you a chance to try it for yourself.

More fun spelling games and lessons.

Want more fun spelling games? Check out my help your child learn to spell Pintrest Board with new spelling games being added all the time.
Follow Jenn Gerlach (Simple At Home)’s board Help Your Child Learn to Spell on Pinterest.

Build a word with blocks

Help your child learn to spell by building words with Legos or blocks. Write the letter on the block with a sharpie and use a dry erase marker to get it off.

Write it big

Want your child to practice writing spelling words? Why not make it fun and take the lesson outside? Grab some sidewalk chalk and practice on the ground outside. Make a spelling hopscotch, giant hangman, or even challenge your kids to a life-size crossword puzzle.

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