Fun and Games to Teach Kids About Money

Why teach kids about money

Being a parent is hard. We often wonder if we are doing enough? If we are teaching the kids what they need to learn? When it comes to vital topic to teach kids money should be on the top of the list. Money is what makes the world go round. With out an understanding of money, how it works, and how to manage it we struggle in adult life.

Fun books, games, and tools to teach kids about money

When we take the time to teach kids about money we give them the tools needed to take control of there life and succeed when others are struggling to get by. When kids learn that money is hard earned, how to save and budget money, and how to make money they have go further they will remember these skills into adulthood.

When I was young I was blessed with working for a state run program during the summers. They required that we learned the basics of money. We learned to budget, save, and invest. We learned how to buy insurance and fill out job applications. We learned how to file taxes and even took a field trip to the federal reserve. This program was for under privileged kids. We where paid to landscape the school district, create videos to get the grants for the program, fix broken cars, and even feed the whole group. We received work experience, learned what work ethic was, and gained both job and life skills.

The money based education I received in that program opened many doors to me when I grew up. My husband did not receive that education. The skills and money knowledge we possess is far different form the other. The difference in our knowledge made me KNOW I need to provide my children with an education on money. The earlier the better.

Books to teach kids about money

A great way to teach kids about money is books. From images on how money is created to stories on how to save and grow money to work books to help your child learn to balance money. Grab these books online or your local library.

National Geographic Kids Everything Money: A wealth of facts, photos, and fun!

The Kids’ Money Book: Earning * Saving * Spending * Investing * Donating

Growing Money: A Complete Investing Guide for Kids

The Everything Kids’ Money Book: Earn it, save it, and watch it grow! (The Everything® Kids Series)

One Cent, Two Cents, Old Cent, New Cent: All About Money (Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library)

The Secret Life of Money: A Kid’s Guide to Cash

Teach Your Child to Fish: Five Money Habits Every Child Should Master

Money games for kids

Kids love to learn naturally through playing. A great way to teach kids tough topics is by teaching them with games.

Money skills can be thought through playing store or restaurant.  A great use for all those Shopkins. Practicing transactions and budgeting the money you have give your child hands on experience with money while enjoying and engaging game with you.

Playing house is a great way to help your child learn how to budget bills and responsibilities, balance a check books, and even learn how to use checks.

Toys, Games, and tools to teach kids about money

Play money is a great way to let kids get hands on with money without ending up loosing it.

The learning resources Buy It Right games is great for getting kids to practice economics hands on as they buy, sell, and run their own store and experience the economic cycle in this board game.

Kids can learn how to exchange money with  Learning Resources – Money Bags Coin Value – Educational Board Game where they learn how to collect, count, and manage money perfect for family game night.

This money savvy piggy bank teaches kids to split and manage money.

This printable Kids’ Responsibility and Money Management Kit comes with everything you need from chore charts to bank registers to help your child learn to track income and spending while learning the value of a dollar.

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