Play and Learn Lemonade Stand W/ Free Printable

Summer is here and I am digging through my box of goodies I have saved from past months. I pulled out this Lemonade stand pretend play from the February box about food and fitness. Ok I may be guilty of saving some days just for keeping the kids happy later. I popped this one together added some pom poms, and a couple fresh lemons for the littles to explore while the big kids played.

It's summer time and this learn and play lemonade stand makes for lots of fun.

I challenged the girls to make cups of lemonade by filling the cups with the pom poms and serve it. The lemonade stand had issues staying up so they ended up just using my breakfast tray as their stand. This really worked fine motor skills and helped them learn to serve others a concept we are working on in our family.

I love how we can spend time as a family interacting and growing while the children love that these activities interest them. We all love that they are learning and playing at the same time. Mother Goose Time gives us a lot of fun activities like this that help us learn and grow together.

Learn and play with this lemonade stand.

Great ways to play and learn with this lemonade stand

  • Practice filling and pouring.
  • Practice exchanging money for goods (play money included in printable.)
  • Practice serving others.
  • Explore the parts of a fresh lemon.
  • Enjoy small world play and learn real life skills
  • Practice counting with cups, pop-poms and other props you may have added.
play and learn lemonade stand free

Normally I try to offer you something close and super easy like the Pop-up Car Wash but this set had a couple of issues I decided to fix by offering this printable as more of a craft. You can print these play pieces and the pieces to turn a small box from food, shoes, or shipping into a fun lemonade stand playset. You need scissors, glue, a box, and sticks (paint sticks will work best.) I have included a page of money to add money skills for older children. Check it out maybe it’s just what you need to spice up a rainy day.

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