5 Pages Every Blog Should Have.

If you are setting up your blog or looking to make a few changes here are a few pages you should check that you have. These pages while not traffic drivers and let’s face it they are BORING to build are key to having a professional site.

What pages does your blog need? What pages do I need for my blog?

Pages Every Blog Should Have.

About Page: Oh how I HATE writing this page. Somehow telling a little story about myself is always a challenge for me, but the fact is sometimes your readers want to know about what your site has to offer and who is writing it. This is a great place to add a few key-worded internal links to posts that you feel really highlight what your site is about.

Contact page: Pretend you are a visitor or a brand wanting to contact you for some reason. The thing you would look for is a contact page. Your contact page should contain your e-mail address, A form for easy contact, AND links to your social media. While social media links should be visible on all pages either in your header or sidebar they should be here as well to give visitors multiple ways to contact you.

Advertising page: Even if you do not currently sell ad space or do sponsored posts build this page. You never know when someone will find yo and seek you out. Here you can keep a copy of your Media Kit or a form to request a current copy. Detail of what yo are and are not willing to do advertising wise should be displayed on your page so no one waists time.

Privacy policy: Every site should have a privacy policy letting visitors know when they join your mailing list you will not sell their e-mail to third parties.

Disclaimers and disclosures: Do you write about health and diet but not a doctor? You need a disclaimer. Do you work with affiliate marketing? Most affiliate companies require a disclosure and if you live in the US the law requires it as well.

Starting a blog? Fixing yours up? Here are pages you need for your blog

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What pages do you have on your blog?

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  • erin says:

    Love this to the point post! What a great reminder I am currently working on adding these to my blog. Thanks again!!