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Ok, you read that title and you’re probably laughing at me right now. I am the up late prepping some huge fun thing because I DON’T plan, yet I ended up reviewing My School Year (Homeschool Record Keeping) from Yep, the mom that uses an out of the box preschool program so she does not have to plan. Go ahead laugh… Done? Review
Not every mom is like me and wants to be a bit more organized. I hear there is even a type of homeschool mom that tracks total hours (this program does that too.) Lucky me our umbrella school only requires I track days (another thing My School Year can do.

If you’re the planning type of mom always carrying around a device trying to balance it all like the moms in my daughter’s American Heritage Girls you would love this program. You know the kind of moms that make you feel like your failing because they have a gym class and music lessons after the tea party and you’re going home to cook dinner and cuddle with the kids. Totally not judging. I admire you girls, I really do but, I think I found how you;re doing it. Your secret is out. You’re using My School Year (Homeschool Record Keeper)… admit it.

What does this thing do? It tracks daily lesson plans (not my thing right), books read (umm yay), attendance down to the hours. (a great feature for people in states that require hours.) Create transcripts, and report cards. It’s perfect for those that use the school at home approach.

Sigh, you’re my readers. Who am I kidding NONE of you do school at home style homeschooling? If you did you would not be interested in what I do here right? But, what if I told you this could be a great tool in the future? You see we all have young kids. Record keeping can be as simple at X, X, and X next to your child’s name in your favorite planner and your good. Only these kids… Sadly they are gonna grow up on us.

One day we will have high schoolers. I don’t fool myself into thinking I can get away with the fly by the seat of my pants style schooling in high school. No, I’m gonna have to add a bit of structure and my planner with pages falling out after a few months of being toted EVERYWHERE we go won’t do the job anymore. No, I’m gonna need something like My school year to keep everything straight as we learn to balance high school courses with Monkeys Collage courses she will start in high school.

Sitting here thinking about things like our umbrella school where we have to turn in attendance every quarter I was thinking My School Year would be a great option for umbrella schools running as private schools to keep everyone organized and things like attendance tracking simple.

Are you looking to get organized with your homeschool? Build high school transcripts without fighting to figure it all out, or just balance it all? You can get a free 1 month trial of My School Year (Homeschool Record Keeping) at today and see if it can help you. You can access an entire year of membership for just $40 or monthly at $5.

Homeschool Record Keeping { Review}

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