Duck Learning Play and Printable

I can’t get over how cute my little ducks are. Watching them flap their wings and run around the yard in a game of following the leader made the day worth all the energy 4 kids demand. Quack. Quack. QUAAACCKKK!

This is a cute start to a duck unit study

With Mother Goose Time today, we made these super cute ducky headbands so we could pretend we were all ducks. Yep mamma duck joined in. After a few rounds of follow the leader and enough quacking around the yard to convince the neighbors, I need mental help the kids where more than happy to come in for a bit of rest.

Make your own duck headband:

You need:

  • Yellow construction paper
  • Orange construction paper
  • Stapler scissors
  • Googly eyes (or eye stickers)
  • Yellow craft feathers

Isen't this a cute idea. Free printable included.

What to do:

  • Cut the yellow paper into strips
  • Staple to fit around your child’s head
  • Cut orange paper into a diamond, fold in half and staple to the headband.
  • Staple craft feathers to the back of the headband
  • Add your choice of eyes

Once we had our headbands we took the fun outside to learn about how duck families work. We played a lot of follow the leader and discussed how baby ducks follow their mothers around in a little line.

FREE duck printable ages 2-8FREE Duck Early Learning Pack

IT’s that time of week again. Time for a new printable to make learning fun and save you a bit of time. This week we are giving you ducks, ducks, and more ducks. Grab this printable for a fun snack mat, counting and writing practice, and a size sort that doubles as a quick and easy craft. Because we all need easy sometimes right?

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