Garden Fresh Strawberry Pancakes

I can’t wait for the fresh strawberries our of the garden. We are planting a good bit of them this year in pots hanging from the new fence we are installing. For now, we got lucky and the Florida Strawberries from just outside of the town we last lived in Florida are ripe and they are well stocked at the local fruit market for 62 cents a pound when you buy a case. We bought two cases this year. They laughed over us buying 16 pounds of strawberries but we had a ball cooking up goodies. Jeremy wanted pancakes so I decided to make fresh strawberry pancakes.

Garden fresh strawberry pancakes

Pancakes are popular here. My husbands favorite he refers to as the best pancakes ever use whey from when I make homemade yogurt. In the fall I love to whip up pumpkin pie pancakes. These sweet berry flavored pancakes definitely made it to the top of our favorite pancakes list.

Make your own fresh strawberry pancakes

Make these easy sweet strawberry pancakes

Fresh strawberry pancakes

Mix dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Mix well to distribute the baking powder before you begin to add in the wet ingredients.

Hull the strawberries and run through your food processor or blender. You want them well processed so they can blend well into the pancakes adding flavor and a delicate pink tint. My food processor is the newest toy for the kitchen my husband brought home for me.

Mix wet ingredients into the dry ingredients. Due to the strawberries, you will see some lumps do not over mix to compensate for this.

Heat your skillet with a small amount of butter or oil.

Fry until bubbling stops and flip to cook on the other side.

These strawberry pancakes are great for enjoying with fresh berries and whipped cream. You could top them with some of our favorite Sweet Summer Time Strawberry Jam.

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