Best Security Tips to Keep my Garden Safe

If you spend a lot of time in the garden making it beautiful, the last thing that you want is any type of predator entering it and messing it up.  This will include the storage of your garden tools that may be in a garden shed or construction. These are vulnerable unless the correct level of protection is taken to safeguard them.  Believe it or not, garden tools such as lawn mowers are a pretty good catch for robbers as they are expensive assets that are sometimes easy to steal from homeowners.

Garden security tips

Construct a Good Quality Storage Facility

Depending on the material type that you use for the storage of your garden tools and equipment is crucial for preventing them from being stolen.  Material such as wood is not the most secure in the world and someone who wants to access your tools via a wooden garden shed should be able to do so pretty easily.  Consideration should be given to using steel as a garden storage solution. This is much better quality and more difficult to penetrate. You can purchase steel kits for whatever size you desire from places like Armstrong Steel.  Once constructed, you will immediately benefit from a much more solid building where you can safely store away your garden tools and equipment.

Security Cameras

Outdoor TV cameras are not as expensive as you would first imagine. With technology advancing all the time, the cameras can be installed pretty easily in key locations.  These cameras can also be pretty discrete in size and not an eyesore. The security cameras can have a recording loop on these to minimize the storage required on the card, again keeping the costs to a minimum.

Security Lighting

One of the most popular and cheap ways to deter a robber is to have outdoor security lighting.  These lights will activate at any sign of movement (or body heat depending on the type you purchase).  The last thing that someone who is entering your property wants is for there to be bright lights focussed on them.  One of the things you need to consider with this option is that the light will go off with most types of movement – as such, if you have an animal passing through your garden, the light will activate.  If you are in the home and the light goes off then you automatically assume there is something wrong and you need to go and check, but it could, in fact, be a cat going through your garden.

Put Things Away

Even if you have a garden gate and fence, do not think that this is enough to keep people out of your property. If you leave tools out in the garden and not store them away securely, this is a get opportunity for a robber to enter your premises and steal them.  Do not give people this opportunity and make sure that when unattended, your garden tools are stored away.

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