Uses for Tea Tree Oil

When it comes to useful essential oils tea tree oil falls on just about everyone’s list. Even people that do not use essential oils regularly have known the power of tea tree oil for years. This essential oil can be found in many commercially produced products with nearly unlimited used for tea tree oil.

what is tea tree oil good for


What is tea tree oil good for?

So what exactly is tea tree oil and what is tea tree oil good for? Tea tree oil is the distilled essential oil from the tea tree plant a powerful medicinal herb. Tea Tree oil is good for the home and body with uses ranging from skin care to removing mold from your home and even repelling unwanted insects.

Uses for tea tree oil

1. Insect repellent

Most unwanted insects do not enjoy the smell of tea tree oil. Many humans are not a fan of the fragrance either but the benefits highly outweigh the risks with this years out of control tick population. Studies have shown tea tree oil is effective at repelling fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.

2. Lice control

Every day bugs are not the only insects that tea tree oil is good for dealing with. By using tea tree oil in your shampoo and conditioner or adding it into your leave-in hair treatments you can prevent your family from getting a head lice infestation when going to school, using public transportation, or going into any place where you are likely to be in a large cramped crowed.

3. Kill mold and mildew

When it comes to killing mold and mildew you can’t go wrong with tea tree oil. Diffusing tea tree oil can help kill airborne spores while mixing tea tree into your cleaner can help kill surface mold and mildew to help keep your family healthy.

4. Kill germs around the house

Mold and mildew is not the only thing tea tree oil is great for killing off. Tea tree oil is also a great antibacterial and antiviral. Adding it to homemade cleaners or your favorite commercial cleaning supplies can give them a germ-killing power boost.

5. Use as an antibacterial for small cuts and scrapes

Due to Tea Trees germ-killing properties and gentleness on the skin that makes it a trusted addition to bath and body products you can use tea tree oil as an antibacterial treatment for small cuts and scrapes. Simply dilute in your favorite carrier oil and apply to the cut or scrape after cleaning before bandaging.

6. Make your produce last longer

While I love a good vinegar wash for killing mold on fruits and vegetables to make our produce last longer you can improve take it a step further by adding a few drops of tea tree to the vinegar before adding to the water and soaking your produce.

7. Treat athletes foot

Tea tree is a powerful antifungal and can be used for treating athletes foot naturally. Add to your wash when washing socks and shoes as well and to your lotion to rub directly on the affected foot.

8. Treat ringworm

Ringworm can be a highly contagious disaster. To quickly get rid of it use tea tree oil diluted in coconut oil directly on the ren work and cover with a bandage. To avoid the spread of ringworm use tea tree in your cleaners on surfaces that have been touched by the infection and laundry.

Uses for tea tree oil

9. Control dandruff

Controlling dandruff is one of the most common and easy uses for tea tree oil. Simply add tea tree oil to your shampoo and conditioner to treat your scalp each time you wash your hair.

10. Soothe skin

tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory properties perfect for applying to inflamed skin. Weather from a mild injury or a pesky bug bite a roller bottle containing diluted tea tree oil is a great way to soothe red, sore, and itchy skin.

11. Get rid of nail fungus.

With summer coming no one wants yellowed nails. This discoloration is caused by a fungus that can be difficult to get rid of. Use a small paintbrush to apply undiluted tea tree oil directly to your nails daily.

12. Fight acne

You can buy a tea tree gel to apply directly to your acne. You can make your own by mixing 5 drops of tea tree oil into 1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel. Store in the refrigerator in an airtight container between uses to have the extra effects of the cold to help with inflammation around the acne marks.

13. Get rid of odors

Tea tree naturally kills bacteria that cause odors. Ise in a spray around your home, inside shoes, and even in your car to kill the odor-causing bacteria. A few drops of tea tree oil in a bowl of baking soda can help deal with odors in your bathroom and other commonly smelly parts of your home. Use the same combination as a carpet deodorizer let sit for 30 minutes before vacuuming.

14. Hand sanitizer

Do you want a simple moisturizing hand sanitizer? Grab a travel bottle and fill it with your favorite lotion or make your own lotion. Add a few drops of tea tree essential oil to kill germs every time you moisturize your hands.

Tea tree oil safety

Tea tree oil is not safe for use on or around children under the age of 6 or on and around pets including cats, dogs, birds, and reptiles.

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