Simple Tips to Save Money on Cleaning Supplies

With this economy, people are all looking for ways to save money. Big ways, small ways, and anyways in between add up and save you money. One place people often look to save money is on cleaning. This is why recipes for homemade laundry detergent are so popular. The truth is you can save money on cleaning in several ways.

Save money on cleaning suplies

Save on cleaning supplies every day

Team up on big machines.

Need to power wash your house or driveway? Rent a power washer with a neighbor, friend, or family member each paying half the rental fee. Prepare both homes before you pick it up and you can finish both houses in no time for the price of one. The same works with carpet cleaners and even big tools for work on your lawn.

Buy in bulk

Buy in bulk to save on cleaning basics. Dish detergent, floor wax, tile cleaner all have better deals in bulk. This is extra handy if you are brand loyal for a product. Big club stores have isles and isles of bulk cleaning supplies at prices you would never imagine and those deals make memberships even better.

Many clubs will let you go in on a membership with a friend or family member. In the end, bulk shopping is a great way to save money on cleaning supplies.

Make your own laundry detergent.

Many DIY detergents work great and the cost as little as 2 cents a load. If you do a lot of laundries this can make a huge difference in your cleaning budget. Using soaps like Zote and Fels Naptha as a base for your detergent works well and saves a lot of money.

DIY laundry detergent recipes use cleaning supplies you already have on hand if you make any of your own cleaners or things you can pick up for cheap at any supermarket on your next trip. Instead of using expensive dryer sheets grab a set of dryer balls for a greener option that saves you money. 

Go natural with DIY cleaners.

Vinegar makes a great glass cleaner that leaves no streaks. It also doubles as an air and fabric deodorizer and keeps ants away. Not bad for less than $2 a gallon. Baking soda makes a great scoring powder and deodorizer. Hydrogen peroxide has all of the cleaning power of oxi-clean.

Think outside the box to save on cleaning supplies

Switch to microfiber.

Microfiber washcloths can clean almost anything with no soap or cleaner needed. A little water and the dirt disappear. You can buy them in multi-packs for cheap. Use old ones for really bad messes and feel guilt-free about tossing it when you’re done.

Use cleaning supplies wisely

When using cleaners spray your rag NOT your surface. This lets you use less soap and less water to get rid of it saving money in two ways not to mention time dealing with extra suds.

Use Essential oils to power your cleaners

Try the cleaning power of essential oils. A few drops of your favorite essential oil can make your house smell great, kill germs, or give your homemade cleaners extra power. Orange oil among several others can do all three.

Shop with coupons

Use coupons and sales to your advantage. I love to snag cleaning supplies (and pretty much everything else) on clearance. Writing to my favorite cleaning brands like Pine-Sol and Scrubbing Bubbles when I discover how great their product works on something new often gets me high-value coupons better than what we can find online or in the Sunday paper.

Dilute concentrated cleaners

Buy concentrated cleaners to save money on cleaning supplies. LAs Totally Awesome Cleaner is strong and sold in a great concentrate at the local Dollar Tree. When I had to clean and scrub the basement after our flood this year that cleaner was my best friend.

The ultra-strong concentrate saves me money on cleaning supplies allowing me to put more of my budget into other projects around the house.

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