How to Add Calcium to Your Garden for Stronger Plants

Much like humans plants need calcium. Plants use calcium to build cell walls and membranes. Without the proper supply and intake of calcium, plants can develop conditions such as blossom end rot.

Plants take in calcium along with water through their roots, so the calcium has to be in a soluble form in order to be useful. Add calcium to your garden is a great way to build the best garden soil.

Add Calcium to Your Garden for Stronger Plants

Healthy garden soil is the key to growing produce that will help nourish and feed your family. From growing flavorful and healing herbs to growing green beans for canning you will find that your garden thrives when you care for it.

Nourished and healthy plants can thrive in the summer heat to leave you with an amazing crop for canning and storing,.

Use eggs in your garden to add calcium

A great DIY method to add calcium to your garden is to grind eggshells and mix into your soil at the end of your growing season. They will break down and leave behind plenty of calcium for the next planting season. For most in the US, you would put them in during the fall.

For southerners like me, they go in in the summer when a limited variety can grow in the garden. If you are composting at home egg shells can go right into your compost. Eggshells would be a green in your compost.

Wash dry and grind in a coffee grinder for best composting or adding directly to the soil. Using what you have already is a great way to save money on your garden.

Add calcium to your garden with gypsum

Gypsum can be added to the soil if calcium is lacking and in need of acid. Gypsum is used in soil that has been farmed for many years and has built up too much salt.

Most home gardens do not need this. Gypsum can affect how plants take up other nutrients, such as phosphorus, magnesium, copper, and zinc.

Gypsum will last several months. If you are investing in raised garden beds this is a great addition to add to your budget.

Use limestone to add calcium to your garden.

How to Add Calcium to Your Garden for Stronger Plants

Ground limestone is most commonly recommended to increase calcium in the soil. Some limestone provides calcium only and others provide magnesium as well.

Either spread over the soil then tilled into the soil. Apply the limestone in the fall at least 30 days before any fertilizer. Limestone will lower soil acidity.

Limestone will last for several years making it a great addition if you are looking to grow a thriving garden to make extra money. 

Use beer in your garden to add calcium.

Beer is packed with nutrients that plants can benefit from including calcium. You can use beer for garden growth by adding it directly at the base of your plants or composting.

Gardening can be such a rewarding experience for families. From shopping for heirloom seeds to exploring the soil, your garden can be a great way to connect with your family and help kids learn and grow all summer long.

If you are tight on space for your garden think about the many benefits of growing plants indoors and these sneaky ways to hide vegetables in your front yard landscaping.

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