Can You Freeze Cottage Cheese

When it comes to long-term storage of dairy produces freezing butter, milk, eggs, and cottage cheese are all great options to help you take advantage of sales. As you find deals stock up and freeze these staples to help feed your family as the prices of items rise sharply with the political and weather issues affecting the prices. Whether you found a killer deal on cottage cheese or make it yourself odds are you have thought a time or two “Can You Freeze Cream Cheese?”

Can you freeze cottage cheese?

Can you freeze cottage cheese?

The good news is yes you can freeze cottage cheese. This allows you to take advantage of a good deal or make a large batch of your won when the milk is on sale. Like freezing cream cheese you can extend the life of cottage cheese by up to 6 months when you freeze it. The texture will change a bit but will still be usable for eating and cooking.

How to freeze cottage cheese

For the best results when you freeze cottage cheese choose full-fat versions. The fat in the cottage cheese helps preserve the texture you love. When freezing store-bought cottage cheese place the entire sealed container in a freezer bag to add an extra layer to prevent freezer burn.

If freezing homemade cottage cheese use a FoodSaver for the best results protecting the cottage cheese from freezer burn. Label the cottage cheese with the number of days it is still good before you toss into the freezer. This will allow you to update the use-by date after you pull the cottage cheese out.

How to thaw frozen cottage cheese

How to freeze cottage cheese

When you are ready to thaw your cottage cheese by leaving in the refrigerator overnight. Drain excess liquid and stir it before using in cooking. If you want to eat it fresh without cooking you can improve the texture by stirring in a little sour cream.

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