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The November theme for Mother Goose Time is Comunity Helpers. For the bus driver day, They sent this super cute project to make little bus drivers out of clothes pins. As Monkey and I looked through the lessons we decided that they really did not need 4 bus drivers. So she helped me make a set of 4 clothes pin people.

clothes pin people, clothespin people

We talked about it and decided we would do one bus driver because the Mother Goose Time busses they sent are just way too cute. The rest of them found their way into the laminater with some craft glue to hold them together. They are that cute. Expect to see them as props once in a while lol.

After we did the suggested bus driver we added a mailman, firemen, and a police officer. The simple designing with markers made this project easy. We had some bleeding of colors which the little ones really did not care about. Owl loved these so much she spent hours playing with them the first day. So much more than any of the other children. She is in that phase where learning and growing happen at such a pace you find yourself wondering where your baby went.

Clothes Pin people Community helpers

Make your own Clothes Pin People

If I could go back now I would use a pack of sharpie permeate markers instead of our washable art makes for a set that would last a bit longer. We added fun embellishments like a piece of mail for the mailman and a badge made of glitter for our police officer.

Use your Clothes Pin People for learning

This set will get pulled out as we learn about each community helper. These clothes pin people are great for discussing the jobs each person does and how that job helps keep our communities running smoothly.
Spend time using the clothes pin people to act out scenes in your community. Help care for the people that live in your doll house, or place into a fun sensory bin for your kids.
What other community helpers can you make for your set?

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