Cooking with Kids

Cooking with kids

Cooking with kids is a great way to bond with your child and help them grow. Cooking is a life skill everyone will need at some point. When we cook with kids we instill confidence and math skills.

Cooking with kids encourages healthy eating.

When you cook with your child you are teaching them about healthy foods and encouraging them to enjoy new foods they would normally be too shy to try. You can use this time to make new food exciting and fun and to talk about why different foods are good or bad for you. Grab our free food group printable for more food fun.

Spending time in the kitchen with you encourage your child to associate fun positive feelings with food rather than eating for emotional comfort later in life. It is all about instilling long-lasting healthy habits for a great future for your child. Cooking with kids is about so much more than dinner.

This month out Mother Goose Time theme is Food and Fitness and we are spending lots of time learning about healthy eating as we learn and grow in the kitchen together.

Cooking with kids teaches them math.

When you ask someone what part of math they struggle with most will say fractions. Fractions are scary until you use them without realizing. Taking your math lesson to the kitchen makes a world of a difference in helping your child understand fractions. Measuring cups suddenly become tools of both cooking and basic math as your child uses fractions by adding two half cups to make a whole and while measuring those half cups she discovers how to use basic measurement.

Science of cooking with kids.

Cooking is full of chemical reactions your child will be amazed with. From watching baking soda and vinegar bubble over to the ingredients in cake go from liquid to a light fluffy solid they will never look at food the same. They will marvel in the wonders of cooking. Not bad for something that keeps the kids out of trouble while you make dinner huh?

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