Curtain Accessories: How to Use Tiebacks, Valances, and Trims to Elevate Your Curtains

Interior design is a bit like trying to complete a puzzle. There are literally endless ways of filling in the pieces, and you can get as creative as you like when it comes to interpreting the end picture that you’re trying to create.

When it comes to curtains, in addition to the actual big pieces of fabric themselves, there are a number of other elements you can get creative with. Here, we take a quick look at three popular accessories – tiebacks, valences, and trims – to help you get going on your interior design journey.


Tiebacks are a really fun accessory that you can use to mix up your curtain aesthetic. As the name suggests, they’re used to tie back the curtain from the window, generally at around mid-height. Practically, this serves the function of ensuring that the window isn’t covered by a draping curtain even when they’re pulled back – great for smaller rooms where you want to maximize natural light.

In terms of aesthetics, tiebacks can look amazing. If you go for a gold or velvet option with tassels, you can add more than a little touch of sophistication and elegance to the room. Alternatively, you can also use a more subtly colored fabric tieback, for a slightly more modern aesthetics. 


Valances are another great accessory that many people use to make their curtains look top-notch. They’re essentially mini curtains that hang just a little way down the window, creating a really homely kind of vibe.

They can either be used with other full length window coverings, or, as is often the case, they can be used with a sheer curtain from somewhere like Woodyatt Curtains. They can also be used with blinds, if you want the combination of practicality and complete light blockage with the slightly more natural vibe provided by free hanging fabric.

It’s important that you get valences that match the rest of the stylistic elements in the room, especially the curtains. You can obviously get a little bit creative, but ultimately there needs to be aesthetic harmony.


Finally, you can use a wide variety of trims including fringes, tassels and a range of different braids to make your curtains look a whole lot more fancy. You can get trims that align with a lot of different styles, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve, from classical opulence to vintage chic.

Trims can be a great way of adding a little depth to a room, making it feel more like you’re in a three-dimensional space. Choose trims that match your curtains, obviously, but also don’t be afraid to push the boat out and experiment a little.

Hopefully, these insights into curtain accessories will have made you more confident to experiment with your home decor. Just remember, none of these items needs to be permanent additions – if you don’t like how it looks, you can simply take the accessory off and try out something different.

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