Cute Farmhouse Kitchen Finds

to I am having a ball finding cute items for our farmhouse kitchen remodel. I can’t wait for this entire house to feel like stepping out into a country farmhouse. Just because we live in the city doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a farmhouse here in our little homestead. These cute Farmhouse Kitchen finds are perfect additions.

I love these Coffee Tea Sugar Enamel Metal Containers  Simple and clean is big because our kitchen is tiny.

I just love this Metal Milk Pitcher. Reminds me of the awesome milk door I have on the back of the house. While It is bricked up and no longer functional I really think I will change that when I work on my office remodel seeing it is in the addition that will become the office.

I love this  Vintage Tin Bar Sign  This would look great over the kitchen door.
Something about mason jar well everything I love. This Mason Jar Soap Dispenser would be perfect for hand soap or dish detergent by the sink.

Our kitchen is tiny so I am taking advantage of vertical space to give myself more room to work. I love this Wire Wall 3 Storage Bin and it gives us so much more room by not taking up counter or drawer space. An Organized Kitchen is som important.

Anyone that knows me knows I love little details like this. This  Galvanized Metal Serving Tray can be hung on the wall for decoration and can be pulled down for use.

I am loving this Metal Plaque Sign Eat Letter Sign Wavy Metal Plate perfect for the tiny hall between the kitchen and the dining room.

I have this wiring of an all light like this that has not been put to use in a long time down in the kitchen.  A Large Industrial Pendant Light like this is the perfect addition!

I am loving this Farmhouse kitchen sign it is just perfect for the entrance to my kitchen.

These Stone Blue kitchen towels go perfectly with pretty much every kitchen. I love the almost denim feel of it.


Cute finds for your farmhouse kitchen

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