Disney’s Aladdin Inspired – Jasmine Wooden Bead Keychain Craft

Jasmine is one of my favorite princesses. We finally got to watch the new Aladdin movie and the kids got to see jasmine for themselves. I had to whip something up for fun and this Jasmine Inspired Keychain was just the trick. I even made a matching necklace for Little Lamb who adores the color teal I will share with you soon. This Keychain makes a great gift for the Aladdin fan.

The versatility of wooden beads is what makes them one of my favorite craft items to work with lately. A little paint and put together the right way they are inexpensive and really cute accents for many projects from home decor to this adorable keychain that makes a great way to treat yourself or someone else.

You will need:

Make your own wooden bead keychain

Decide how you would like your bead design, I used the smallest beads as separators and a large one on the end as an accent. Play around by laying them out first until you are happy. If you want to replicate mine I used a 20mm on the end, 12mm as separators, and 14mm as the medium size.

If your beads fit, the easiest way to paint them is by sliding them over a wooden skewer, this gives you full access to cover all visible surfaces. Be sure that you have at least 1” space between each.

Paint your beads with a light coat of each paint and allow it to dry.

Once dry add another coat, or two if you feel it needs it, let the paint dry completely.

Add a bit of tacky craft glue to the end of your twine and let it harden to make it easier to thread through your beads.

Tie the opposite end of the twine onto the keychain ring, knot it several times and trim off the excess.

Slip your beads onto the twine in the pattern you like.

To make the tassel for the end wrap twine around 3 fingers 5 times, tie off one end with another piece of twine and cut off the excess. Snip the loops at the other end.

Slip the twine your beads are on through the tied off the loop of the tassel and knot into place securely.

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