DIY Coffee Infused Anti-Aging Eye Serum

I’m a mom. I haven’t slept a full night in a good ten years now. Under my eyes NEEDS all the help they can get. Caffeine is known for the ability to reduce puffy dark under eyes. Sort of like how it perks you up for the day I also perks your skin up. This DIY Coffee Infused Anti-Aging Eye Serum does just the trick. I even added a bit of Argon oil to help with anti-aging and wrinkles, because let’s face it I refuse to let the of life stress leave a lasting mark on me.

DIY Coffee Infused Eye Serum

For this I picked a combination of avocado and coconut oil from the grocery section. Both avocado and coconut oil are amazing for the skin packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids that help keep your skin healthy. I added a bit of Argo oil I have around after infusing.

What you need for homemade coffee infused eye serum

  • 1/8 cup avocado and liquid coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons fresh ground coffee
  • 4 pumps Argon oil
  • small glass jar for infusing
  • small bowl and coffee filter for straining
  • roll on or dropper bottle for storage

Make this DIY Coffee infused anti-aging eye serum

Place avocado and coconut oil into a small glass jar with coffee grounds. Let sit for 1-2 weeks in a warm location to infuse. This will not look pretty but it will be amazing when it is done.

Strain through a coffee filter squeezing oil as much oil from the grounds as you can. This can get messy. When you’re done rub the oil on your hands under your eyes and all over your face. It really soaks into your nails too. My nails looked amazing and healthy after straining this serum.

Homemade Coffee Infused Eye Serum

Move into your choice of bottle. Many women choose to put serums like this into roll-on bottles but, I decided to store mine in the fridge for the benefit of the cold when I use it under my eyes. I used an up-cycled glass dropper bottle for an herbal supplement I take. You could even use a well-washed essential oil bottle, use rubbing alcohol to help get any residue.

Add in a few pumps or 1/2 teaspoon argon oil for all of it’s amazing Anti-Aging qualities for the skin.

Rub a drop under and around each eye in the morning and let it soak in before applying your makeup. With this you may find your makeup routine simplified. No need to hide dark circles you no longer have.

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Give this DIY Coffee Infused Eye Serum a trey to eliminate dark circles, and puffiness. With Argon oil for anti ageing, anti wrinkle

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  • Ildiko Szabo says:

    That’s a fantastic idea! I always forget to use an eye cream.. 😀 I might try your recipe! Thanks for sharing 🙂