Health Benefits of Basil

Basil is one of the world’s best herbs for health benefits. The plant itself looks much like peppermint a close relative. We use Basil for the adults in the home and it should not be used on children or diffused around them.

(I am not a doctor. This post is not to diagnose, treat, or prevent any decease and is for informational use only. If you are in need of medical attention or looking to treat a health issue speak to your doctor.)

A powerful antibiotic

Basil essential oil has been shown to kill off bacteria.  This study was on the particular variety of Ocimum sanctum L. Basil makes a great fighter of staph infection.

Control blood sugar

Basil has been shown to help control blood sugar in diabetics. The hyperglycemic effect can lower high blood sugar and when added to the daily diet may lower your risk for diabetes.  This works due to the cinnamanic present in the basil.

Cut cholesterol with fresh basil

Animal studies suggest that basil in the diet can lower bad cholesterol and even lower the risk of a heart attack.


Bails has been shown to reduce inflammation in patients with arthritis as well as ibuprofen without all of the risks and side effects. Basil blocks the same enzymes as chemical anti-inflammatory pain treatments. Basil contains similar compounds to oregano and hemp. Properly diluted essential oils are a simple way to use basil for the treatment of aches and pains.

Treat cough and fever with Basil

Basil has been used to treat fever in place of pharmaceutical options.  Holy basil is a wonderful cough suppressant, throat soother, and mucus reducer you can make your own basil syrup for this use.

Basil can be used to treat bites and stings

How can Basil benefit your family?

The anti-inflammatory qualities in basil makes it a great option to treat bites and stings from insects. Crush the leaves and apply directly to the bite or sting to stop the pain and kill off bacteria to prevent infection.

Reduce stress

In aromatherapy, Basil is used to reducing stress due to it’s relaxing and anti-anxiety qualities you found in basil essential oil. Adding basil to your list of favorite stress-reducing essential oil rotation can reduce the risk of building a tolerance.

Promote clear vision

Basil contains a powerful antioxidant called zeaxanthin that blocks UV rays as well as a high dose of vitamin A. Vitamin A the reason everyone raves about carrots being good for your eyes.

Basil Essential Oil Information

Basil Essential oil smells nearly nothing like the fresh spice. In fact, Basil Essential Oil has a sweet scent. Basil Essential Oil is great for suppressing coughs and helping with minor aches and pains. Defuse or add to your favorite rub.

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