Sleeping Beauty Bath Salt DIY

Epson salt baths are amazing to soak in. I love to fill our big ol’ cast-iron clawfoot tub with a nice hot water and a soothing salt soak. We all know Epson Salt baths are relaxing and can help you sleep.

My oldest has ADHD and in turn, has issues with being able to sleep on a normal schedule. We use a sleeping blend of essential oils made to help her fall asleep easier. I made this Sleeping Beauty Bath Salt for her to enjoy in the evening when she can’t sleep.

This Disney inspired sleeping beauty bath salt is the perfect companion for our Frozen Elsa’s snow queen inspired sugar scrub to toss into a Princess gift basket for birthdays and holidays. We all know a princess that would fall in love with these beauties.

For the essential oil we used Kid Safe Nighty Night from Plant Therapy. You can use any sleep blend that works for your family. Feel free to experiment with your own blends. This one contains Lavender, Marjoram, Cedarwood Atlas, Patchouli, Clary Sage, Chamomile Roman, Blue Tansy. I am not in love with the smell but it works.

What you need for Sleeping Beauty Bath Salt

:: Glass mason jar

:: Choice Relaxing Essential oil

:: Rosehip Oil

:: Epsom salt

:: Pink mica powder

:: A few drops of rubbing alcohol

How to make your own Sleeping Beauty Bath Salt

Sleeping Beauty Bath Salt DIY Christmas Gift

Fill a glass jar with Epsom salt to the ring.

Stir in two teaspoons of rosehip oil to dilute your essential oils and help it spread through the bath. We used rosehip oil because of its restoring properties for your skin. Other oils can be used to fit the results you wish from your bath.

Add 15-20 drops of your essential oil. More for larger jars.

Add in a few drops of rubbing alcohol and 1/2 teaspoon mica powder for the pink coloring.

Stir until evenly distributed through the jar.

Wrap the jar from the bottom up in tulle place the ring on and trim to make your jar look as if it is wearing a sparkly Disney princess skirt.

For more flair wrap the top of the jar and a bow creating a veil over the jar for an even more princess-like feel. After a nice long soak in this, your princess will be ready for a good nights rest.

More DIY bath goodies

There is no reason to spend a premium for natural bath products you can make yourself. I have spent a pretty penny on coffee body scrubs and in the end, got the same results as I did with my homemade coffee scrub Coffee has many uses for the body but my favorite is coffee infused eye serum that makes me look like I have actually slept since having kids.

Sugar and salt scrubs and bath soaks always make great gifts for your gift baskets. This pink Himalayan salt scrub is perfect for perking up your skin for summer. If you like a good summertime salt scrub this lemon and herb salt bath soak is perfect for a bedtime bath.

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