DIY Natural Lash Growing Mascara

Since I started using Argon oil in our hair I have seen some major growth in all 3 of us girls’ hair. Amazing because my youngest had the slowest growing hair and within a month of use could suddenly fit a ponytail. I just knew I had to put it to work on growing my lashes. But I do NOT want to add an extra step to my day. That is when I got the idea to ditch my store-bought mascara for a homemade version using natural ingredients that are good to put on my body. To make life easy I made the main ingredient Argan oil. The end result? A DIY Natural Lash Growing Mascara.

make your own Natural Lash Growing Mascara

Why make your own natural mascara?

Makeup is expensive and while we have found great ways to save money with our own makeup brush cleaning solution and cleaning matt I love finding other ways to save. I also love the idea of using natural ingredients on my body. We have enough toxins in life without adding to it ourselves.

What you need to make your own Natural Lash Growing Mascara

This couldn’t be easier. Anyone can make this Natural Lash Growing Mascara in just a few minutes.

  • Clean empty mascara tube. While you can buy this you can also take apart and clean out an old tube to save more money.
  • 3 capsules of activated charcoal.
  • 1/2 tablespoon argan oil
  • 1/8 tablespoon glycerin
  • dropper
Natural Lash Growing Mascara

How to make your own Natural Lash Growing Mascara

Start by taking apart and washing your mascara tube. Rinse it out with a bit of rubbing alcohol if it is an old tube to kill bacteria.

Cut open the activated charcoal capsules and stir into the oil and glycerin.

Use a dropper to move the new mascara to your mascara bottle.

Reassemble your mascara bottle and use as normal.

Give this easy DIY a try. this natural lash growing mascara is the easiest DIY



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