DIY Painted Rock Cactus

Winter is the perfect time to work on making fun additions to your garden. I love working on garden markers and decorations while I wait for the snow to thaw so I can work in the garden. This DIY Painted Rock Cactus is a cute little addition to your garden that you can work on now. It also makes a cute option if your town has a painted rock group.

Ways to use your painted rocks

  • Take part in a community painted rock hide and seek game.
  • Place them in your garden
  • Gift painted rocks to children
  • Spice up potted indoor plants with a fun hidden surprise.

Easy Painted Rock Cactus

Supplies needed:

  • Assorted FLAT stones, round or oval in shape
  • Small terra cotta flower pot
  • Paintbrush
  • Green craft paint, assorted shades
  • White craft paint or paint pen


1. Begin by collecting stones. You will need 5-7 stones in total. They should be round or oval in shape and should be as flat and thin as possible. You can order rocks for paining or check your local craft store this time of year.
2. Apply two coats of paint to each stone. We used various shades of green to add more detail and texture to the stones. I find using paint pens a bit easier for adding details.

3. Allow the green paint to dry thoroughly. Take the white craft paint or a paint pen and use it to add dots to the stones. This will look like the needles on the cacti.
4. Once your paint is completely dry, you can assemble them into the pot. Add some filler if you wish (crushed up paper will do) and arrange the stones. Shorter stones should be closer to the edges while bigger stones should be on the inside.

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What fun crafts do you like doing over the winter to put in your garden come spring?

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