Glass Railings – When and Where to Use

Contemporary Glass Railings 

At one point, the only purpose of the fences was to enable safe movement from one storey to another. Those days are in the past now because nowadays, railings serve a higher purpose than just allowing movement. Stairways and railings are usually a central attraction in homes. As the interior design evolves, there is an excellent inventiveness on the staircase. So much goes into making a stairway beautiful, and that includes the railing. And the best railing designs of all time involve contemporary glass railing. Apart from being elegant and chic, they are durable too. Therefore, going with glass railing for your interior, balcony or deck will give your house a complete turnaround.

Pros and Cons of Using Glass Railing

Glass railing system can add a contemporary and pleasant look to your staircase, balcony, deck or ledge. They are especially a significant safety tool if you have children and pets. These railings are also known as “invincible railings” because they will not break up or block your beautiful view. However, every type of rails has its pros and cons. Here is a list.


  1. Lower maintenance

Unlike hardwood railings that require constant maintenance and care, they will not require a lot of care. Glass railings don’t need to be treated, painted, stained or finished to retain their beauty. This factor is significant, especially because places such as decks are regularly exposed to agents of weather which makes weathering unavoidable. However, it is a different story with glass. These railings require minimal to no maintenance. All that is necessary to keep these railings clean is a squeegee, water, and some soap.

  1. Glass has a higher ability to tolerate extreme temperatures

Glass material is not subject to surface cracking like materials such as hardwood. These particular railing systems are specially made to maximize durability. The tempered panels don’t shatter despite being broken, which makes them safe and sturdy.

  1. Treated glass does not corrode

Glass panels can’t corrode with exposure to water. Therefore, as long as you use the right materials, your view will remain unobstructed. That is without needing to worry about your materials corroding with time because of moisture. 

  1. Glass railings are highly customizable

Glass is very versatile. Therefore, if you desire to have a bit more privacy, you could get your glass frosted. If you want to have more visibility, you could go with transparent glass. Railings such as metal and wood blocked views, but with glass, the problem is solved. 

  1. Ease of assembly

Glass railings give you an effortless time during installation, whether it is a new installation or a deck upgrade.


  1. Price

When you construct your standard deck railings from composite materials, it does not cost you so much. However, if you wish to add some glass panels to the deck rails, you may need to spend much more money.

  1. Cleaning

To have fingerprint and blemish-free glass panels, you ought to be ready for some regular cleaning. Glass can become prone to smudges from your pets and kids as well as drips from birds and bugs. While glass may require less maintenance, cleaning may require more effort.

  1. Inadequate privacy

While your glass railings will allow a great uninterrupted view of your environment, they may also give passers-by the look of your activity on your deck. However, you can always choose to have glass frosted for increased privacy. 

Where Can We Install Glass Railings at Home?

You can install glass railings to different types of structures, including your own home. They can be added to the house interior or exterior. They can be used on staircases, around balconies, pools, and decks. Finally, glass railing could be used as fencing for desert or coastal homes. 

Easy Glass Railing Installation Process 

Things to consider when installing glass railing

The glass is installed following the general steps. However, since glass railings are large glass sheets, there are some things that you need to pay attention to before this installation. Here are vital factors that you should consider

  1. Glass types

When trying to get the glass to use in your railing, always go for safety glass. Standard glass panes like those used in making windows aren’t as secure for them. The kind of glass used is typically toughened glass which is about four times as strong as regular glass. You could also go for laminated glass which also has an interlay film made from plastic.

  1. Glass storage

If you are in charge of ordering your glass, you may need to store it until the installation time. Therefore the best way to care for the glass is to lift them vertically while keeping the packaging, especially the edges protected.

  1. Safety while handling the glass

If you are touching the glass as it is being installed, you need to be careful. Wear protective gloves throughout and ask for assistance when dealing with the larger sheets. Furthermore, wear rubber shoes to reduce the chances of slipping or damaging the glass.

  1. Caring for the glass

Even after the installation is over, you will still need to maintain your glass railing. Many rails do come with a protective glass coating which ensures that the glass surface remains bright and new. You should not be bothered about maintenance, therefore, but just regular cleaning.

Glass Railing Ideas for Your Interior

  1. Spiral railing 

This type of glass railing will stand out inside your home. Unlike most designs that use straight tempered glass, this railing uses a different kind of glass. The panels used have an impeccable design where they have mostly been bent o form a helix shape

  1. Cross-mix railing

This type of rail is a glass and cable hybrid. For this railing to be achieved, tempered glass panels are fitted into cable tailings. Because the cable is sturdy, this kind of rail is pretty strong. The overall design is quite sleek.

  1. Wooden-framed glass railing

This design is gaining more popularity currently. It features tempered glass which has been integrated with slim wooden frames. Because there aren’t any rules on how much wood you should use, the design options are numerous.

 Glass railing ideas for your exterior

  1. Glass railings fitted with steel on the sides

The steel-fitted glass rail is among the most common railing ideas and is excellent for your exterior. This design has handlebars at its edges, and they are made of steel to make them much stronger.

  1. Steel-framed glass railing

For this kind of rail, the tempered panels are placed in between slim steel frames. Usually, the steel frame covers the glass on all dosed. Sometimes, other materials are used in the framing. Whether you use cable, wood or steel, this railing makes your exterior the center of attention.

 This is an excellent way to add a beautiful touch to your home. Consider the different factors involving glass railing and choose a design that works best for your home.

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