Dragonfly Puppets

Last month we learned about ponds with the kids. We had so much fun bringing two new pets into the family for our observation pond. That unit really got us excited for spring to come. Long winters are not my cup of tea.

This craft we added our own sparkle too. Something we have been doing more for and more to cheer everyone up and keep the kids busy on gloomy rainy days (and still some snow.)

This dragonfly puppet was a great way to learn and play because well I can’t get a dragonfly for our little pond.

Dragonfly Puppet Craft

Make your own dragonfly puppet

What you need:

What to do:

Wrap the craft stick in curling ribbon after spreading glue along the back.

Spread glue onto the paper and press on squares of tissue paper.

Cut dragonfly wings from the tissue paper design.

Sprinkle with a bit of glitter before the glue on the tissue paper dries.

Glue to the stick body and let dry.

Dragonfly puppet craft with jumbo popsicle stick base and a hint of sparkle

Play and learn with your dragonfly puppet.

One thing I really love about Mother Goose Time is that they really encourage learning through play. These make and play cards always have great hands-on ideas for learning and playing. This one is loaded with science and gross motor skills building.

“Play Challange Prompt

Dragonflies use their legs like a basket to catch and eat small insects such as mosquitoes. What can you use to make a basket? Design a basket and try catching small pieces of paper or pompoms in it.”

See what I mean about cute and active. We used our puppets to fly around our aquarium to catch imaginary bugs, and tried using our feet to pick up and move things around. This was a fun gross motor challenge the nig kids loved.

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