Bird Tail Craft

We are learning about birds this month with Mother Goose Time. Just in time for the birds coming home from their trip south over the winter. We have so much fun seeing them travel through the sky, learning about how birds build their nests and fly. The tail twirlers were pretty cool but I made a few changes so that our craft could be used for our science lesson for the older children as well. The end result was lots of fun.

bird tail craft the science of flight

What you need to make your own bird tail craft

  • Mother Goose Time sent paperboard handles but, we switched it out for jumbo craft stick handles.
  • Curling ribbon
  • Feathers
  • Glue
  • Yarn

How to make this easy bird tail craft

For this one, we switched things up. After gluing on the curling ribbon and feathers we decided to wrap the handles in colorful yarn. The yarn helped to keep the feathers and ribbon in place much better than they would have on the cardboard handles with our rambunctious toddlers.

Explore and play the science of flight

We had so much fun playing with these and using them to demonstrate how a bird uses their tail to fly. As the tail drags through the air the children can feel the air resistance. Mother Goose time gave us some great discussion points on how birds use their tails to communicate so I challenged the children to create a dance with their bird tails to talk while they fly.

Bird tails and flight

Want more bird fun? Check out these super cute toilet paper roll spring chicks or this easy bird puppet both great ideas from Mother Goose Time.

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