Essential Factors to Consider When Shopping for Door Handles

It is an undeniable fact that your door hardware becomes an extension of the personality of your home. If you want to give your home an upgraded look, changing your door handles can easily do the trick. In fact, a simple front entry can double your property’s value. 

Just like in most home improvement projects; a thorough plan can make or break the outcome of your project. This is why, aside from choosing high quality door handles, you also have to think seriously about the upgrade plan. To help you sort out your options, here are some factors you need to consider when shopping for your home door handles. 

Think about the style you are aiming for. 

Tackle your door handle design task, just like how you approach an interior design project. Think about the overall theme of the building. After which, consider the room design and the door design. If you want to take the new and fresh design route, you can go for angular door handles. On the contrary, if you wish to opt for the traditional design path, those lovely chrome handles can provide the perfect contrast. If you are not confident about your picks, you can go for the one that looks aesthetically pleasing to you. 

The design of the door is crucial in finding the perfect door handle. Some people vary the models of their doors for each level of their home. Some prefer a uniform design throughout the house. In choosing your door handle, you also need to consider your door decisions. For instance, if you want to keep your door design uniform in the entire property, decide if you also want consistency by having the same chrome handles in all these similarly-designed doors. If you want to add a certain edge to your design, you can use different handles to break the monotony of your door designs. 

Think about the security of the house. 

Another factor you should seriously consider in buying high-quality door handles is whether or not your door handle can offer better door security. Most house handles employ a tubular latch system that makes these handles easy to install. If you want to make your home secure but also make your handles look aesthetically pleasing, go for brands that carry different door handle designs. 

What interior handle would you like to use? 

The next consideration that you should think of is whether or not you will be using a knob or lever. Aside from your personal preference, your choice of doorknob will largely depend on how each door in your house will be used. Door knobs are generally easy to open and use. However, if you have children, elderly, or persons with disabilities at home, door levers are better options. This type of door handle is easy for them to open.

How will each door function? 

After determining the hardware you want to use, it is time to decide on the function. If you are looking for a door handle for your closet doors or hallway, a non-locking lever or passage knob is the best choice. For your bathrooms and bedrooms, a locking, privacy lever, or knob is your best bet. If you are thinking about door handles for your decorative door pulls, go for non-turning, dummy lever or knob. Lastly, if you are looking for exterior doors or doors that demand higher security, a keyed lever or knob will serve the purpose. 

Choosing the right door handle is not something you do without giving much thought. To help you select your handles properly, start with an inventory of all the doors you have. Decide which of these doors need high-level security and which ones can function with less secured handles. Through this, you can make shopping for handles easy. 

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