Faith and Science How Our Family Makes Medical Decisions.

faith health scienceOur family has been through an adventure this past few days and a lot has been on my mind. I realize I have written on our site about some of our health choices like the use of essential oils to prevent illness but, I have not written about our methods for choosing medical care.  Something that has evolved over the years along with my conversion to christianity.

At one point I blindly followed the crowd having no idea what I was doing. The Dr said this was what to do and I did it. Something that had consequences. Since changing our ways our families health has greatly improved. You see I have a secret for you that the big pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know. The good Lord well he provides. Sure you can argue that he created those that created modern medicine but, you can not deny how out of control it has gotten.

The Lord has left us the methods to heal ourselves in most cases. To strengthen our bodies. There’s so much I wish I would have known when I was younger. I could have prevented so much harm to my own body as well as my older children who have had unnecessary medical treatment. Having found Vintage Remedies with scientifically backed advance for natural healing the Lord has provided our lives have changed for the better.

Here are a few examples of how we make our medical choices

Is the child healthy?

We do not believe in taking healthy uninjured children to medical doctors where they are likely to be poked, prodded, given chemicals, while being simultaneously exposed to large numbers of bacteria and viruses. What about well child and growth tracking? We track and record growth of the children at regular intervals. Seeing our children are home with us all day we know exactly what they are eating, how much exercise they are getting, and how they are progressing developmentally.

Is the child injured?

This is a vital one to consider. As a mother I do not have the equipment for testing. While I can care for the common cold with tools the Lord has given me I can not test things like brain issues from a fall (been through that when my son was a baby. lol Best to leave that to someone with the proper tools to check.) While I have training in first aid and CPR those skills are best for recognizing when medical care is needed. if a bone is suspected of being broken well an X ray is needed. The Lord has not given me X ray vision in this case a trip to the Local ER for an x ray and if needed a cast is necessary. So far we have been blessed with the only one breaking anything being me but, you never know what the future will be.

Cuts can be tricky. We have had one cut we thought may need stitches but, luckily had stopped bleeding and revealed itself to be little more than a paper cut by the time bags were packed. We believe medical care is needed for large cuts and cuts showing any sign of infection.

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Other unusual circumstances?

The last dose of antibiotics in our family was after our oldest was bit by a brown recluse spider 6 years ago. A mosquito bite can be treated with a drop of lavender essential oil. The Lord has blessed us with the knowledge and tools. A deadly bite creating and infected wound is an emergency situation that does not afford the necessary time to experiment with natural healing.

What about general illness?

We rarely fall ill but when we do we prefer to treat naturally. A couple of years ago a neighbor shared strep germs with us. With in three days of natural treatment the Lord has provided our family was healthy while the other family ended up on antibiotics. We believe antibiotics are a last resort. We believe that well researched natural remedies given to us by the Lord should be used before chemical alternatives. Should we ever find ourselves in need of chemical antibiotics we would use them properly so we do not contribute to the end of the antibiotic era. Modern medicine should be used with caution as it has risks. We can not play God. If a medicine lists DEATH as a side effect the benefits NEVER outweigh the risks.

Making health choices for your familyWhat about Vaccinations?

After extensive research we dropped vaccinations before being born again. Our older children stopped receiving vaccines and the younger two have never been injected with poisons, viruses, heavy metals, animal or human DNA. If they want vaccines when they are grown that is between them, the Lord, and their chosen provider.

What About Childbirth?

We believe a healthy uncomplicated pregnancy and childbirth are not an emergency situation. We believe in being prepared for emergency with natural God provided things like Shepherd’s purse to protect from bleeding.  We believe God created women’s bodies to birth naturally and have in our own personal experience proven that when a woman’s body is given freedom to do as the Lord intended childbirth can be an amazing and wonderful thing. When mother and baby are able to work together both come out better in the end. Healing is faster and risks caused by unnecessary intervention that is the assembly line of modern birth is not a factor.

Do you want to learn about natural God provided healing with scientific evidence backing?

Check out Vintage Remedies where you can learn how to naturally treat your family and make evidence based medical choices. You can even get started FREE with the link below to a free course. I promise you will want to continue.

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