Teaching Children to Build Sentences

Are you teaching writing? Teaching children to write sentences is a valuable and necessary skill. As parents and educators, it is our job to ensure that the next generation does not lose the ability to communicate to the world of text speak and the utter lack of a dictionary. Gong online or checking messages on your phone can leave you hanging your head in disappointment. “ROTFL” is NOT a sentence.

This cute orchard themed sentence building game from our Mother Goose Time More Literacy Add. The children use words to build short 4 word sentences that at times became hilarious. It was so much fun to toss words into the circles and read what was created. After reading and often laughing we discussed whether or not the created sentence was correct. If the sentence was not correct we changed things around until it was.

You can do this at home with index cards or paper strips for each word. For older kids this is a great chance to build larger sentences.

We use Write Shop for our writing curriculum and work together to weave sentences and short stories.

How to get active with Sentence building

You could make sentence building really fun and active if you have several children with this LIVING sentence game. Give each child one word as part of a sentence. Have them press the word to their chest without looking and line up in a random order they choose.

Have each child flip their word. Read the resulting sentence. Once the giggles come to a halt discuss how the children can fix the sentence. Have the children reorder themselves. Do NOT interfere let them land where they may.  Repeat the process until you get a correct sentence.

If you do not have enough children play the words on sheets of paper and give each child 2-3 words to place. Remember when kids are having fun they learn so much better.


Just a reminder we are blog ambassadors for Mother Goose Time and receive our curriculum free in exchange for sharing the adventure with you.

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