Cursive a Dying Art: Why Your Child Needs to Learn Cursive

Why Your Child Needs to Learn Cursive

Cursive is a dying art. schools are leaving it entirely out of the curriculum and with the electronic age in full swing letters are quickly going out of fashion. No one writes beautiful cards anymore in favor of humorous eCards. So why should we bother taking the time to teach our children cursive?

Reasons to teach children cursive

  1. Cursive is a necessity to read the documents in which give us our fundamental rights. Cursive is part of our heritage, without it we lose everything that represents what our country is about. Teaching this fundamental skill helps preserve our heritage.

  2. Improve thinking skills. Many people can think better while they write with a pen and paper. Unlike print cursive does not require the writer to left the pen with each letter making writing faster. This allows a fast thinking mind to continue thinking rather than pause to write.

  3. Beauty. Cursive is beautiful and flowing making it a better choice for correspondence. From holiday cards to love letter cursive is a beautiful touch.

  4. To sign their name. Printed text is easier to forge then cursive signatures.

  5. Writing is linked to reading skills. the improvement in visual memory aids reading skills.

Why your children should learn cursive and the workbook we recommend. November’s Mother Goose Time book included Cursive on a page. How cool is that. Integrating cursive into young children’s literature. Cursive in children’s books is a step in the right direction. If you want this book you can find “A Ride for Duck” on the Mother Goose Time website.

We have been blessed with a copy of Cursive Handwriting Workbook Grades 1-3 by Tip Top Education to try out and share with you. All opinions are my own or my daughters. Teaching cursive can be a challenge. Children often struggle to relearn their letters after having learned print. They struggle with the ability to write continuously having been trained to lift their pencil after each stroke.

Teaching your child this skill is worth the time involved but the how is a lot harder than the why. Cursive Handwriting Workbook Grades 1-3 by Tip Top Education is a great addition to your collection handwriting combined with adorable coloring sheets to fine tune fine motors skills (Including to my girls excitement a Snow Princess coloring sheet that looks much like Elsa. This workbook takes your child from learning the letters to whiting entire small stories and even working down to forming smaller letters. Each stage of learning cursive in one complete workbook.

We are Mother Goose Time ambassadors and receive curriculum in exchange for sharing our learning journey with you.

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  • Suzanna says:

    I completely agree with this you can’t even read the Constitution without knowing how to read cursive I recently picked up a cursive learning from the Dollar Tree for $1 my daughter is 12 we recently went to Washington DC she couldn’t read the Constitution I’ve been on her about trying to learn to read and write cursive since they no longer teach it in the schools that we are in and I have been trying to work with her to learn it I recently had a trip to Dollar Tree I found it there it is simple but easy to follow